Fan Speak Dec11

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Wrong message

I JUST finished looking at the high school basketball preview [in the Nov. 22 edition]. I enjoy watching all the teams in our area. I am disappointed in some of the slogans on the teams' T-shirts I have seen players around the area wearing. What happened to the slogans that actually taught values?

Wrong person leaving

IT WAS sad to see Southeast football coach Tim Billings forced out of his job. The person that should be leaving is athletic director Don Kaverman. He is in charge of all the programs at Southeast. He needs to make sure the coaches have what is needed to win, and he has not done that. I agree with Marty Mishow saying it will be difficult for any football coach to win consistently at Southeast without proper funding and facilities to do so. Get a new AD in there who can get things done for the coaches and student athletes.

Scrap sports

I THINK it's high time that Southeast Missouri State gets rid of all sports. They never will be a major contender in any sport. Even if they do have talent, they never seem to capitalize on it, and it's not often they have talent. As far as I'm concerned, Southeast athletics is a complete embarrassment. Perhaps they should focus their energies on academics.

Southern bias

THE BCS needs to continue tweaking the process. A team with four losses like Florida State barely is bowl eligible and thus should not be in a Bowl Championship Series game. Three losses should be the maximum for BCS games, but then again we have too keep the South happy. Merry Christmas to the BCS from the Pac-10.

Ready for prime time

WHY ISN'T the better team given the 8 p.m. time slot for the best basketball contest? No question this year it's the Redhawks women's basketball team. Their fans deserve it.

Division II program

HAS EVERYONE heard the old saying, "If it walks, swims and quacks like a duck then it's a duck"? The Southeast administration acts like Division II, funds its sports programs like Division II and is now looking at Division II football coaches. If this is the way they are going to operate, they should drop back to that level so they can be competitive.

Congrats to Indians

CONGRATULATIONS TO the Jackson girls basketball team for winning the Farmington Tournament. Way to go, Indians. Keep up the good work.

Look elsewhere for coach

IF THE Southeast football coach selection committee wants to turn this Division I-AA program around, they need to quit hiring Missouri Intercollegiate Athletic Association Division II coaches. Athletic director Don Kaverman was brought in from Missouri Western, and now they are looking a hiring an average coach from an average MIAA team to lead the football team. Let's think outside the box or quit Division I-AA and return the MIAA.

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