Letter to the Editor

New law is best for Missouri workers

Saturday, December 10, 2005

To the editor:

This letter is in response to the Dec. 8 letter regarding state Sen. John Loudon. I have known Senator Loudon for many years. Never once have I seen him do anything to harm a single Missouri citizen. The workers' compensation law he sponsored is no exception. The new law ferrets out fraud and abuse in the system.

Frequently, people were paid for injuries which couldn't be verified or didn't occur as a result of the workplace. The legislation specifically excludes these unverifiable and fraudulent claims.

The new law declares that workplace injuries are covered. The only requirement is evidence must show that the injury was caused by the workplace.

Unfortunately, many opposed to the legislation have spread rumor and misinformation for political gain. Those opposed to the reforms -- purportedly on behalf of workers -- have filed a lawsuit which could eliminate the entire workers' compensation system. Such a result would leave workers without any safety net and force workers into court, where the only winners will be the lawyers.

If opponents of reform were truly concerned about workers, they would not have filed their lawsuit. The new law guarantees workers will have their medical bills paid for, lost wages replaced and any permanent disability compensated. What Loudon did is protect workers and taxpayers from fraudulent claims and excessive legal fees. Loudon should be commended, rather than criticized, for his dedication to the citizens of Missouri.

GARY MARBLE, President, Associated Industries of Missouri, Jefferson City, Mo.