Leopold at its best

Friday, December 9, 2005

Anyone looking for a small town that best represents traditional American values would do well to spend some time in tiny Leopold, Mo., a Bollinger County community that draws its strengths from deep family roots, a well-developed sense of pride and strong religious ties.

Leopold's values are reflected in its school district, which -- like the town itself -- is small.

Based on a variety of measurements in annual report cards to district patrons, the Leopold district is ranked as the top district in the area.

Superintendent Derek Urhahn is rightfully proud of the fact that every parent but one attended the most recent parent-teacher conferences.

Parental involvement: That's critical to the educational success of most students, educators agree.

And that's borne out in the statistics for other schools in the area, including some in the large districts like Cape Girardeau and Jackson. In schools where parents take an active interest in their children's education, overall ratings are above average.

Hats off to parents who support their school-age children at home, who take the time to stay informed by visiting with teachers and administrators and who value the importance of a good education in ways that encourage youngsters to strive to do their best.

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