Speak Out A 06/28/03

Saturday, June 28, 2003

Finish the project

I WAS so happy last year when the university decided to upgrade the look of Houck Stadium. However, the university forgot to finish the project. I can't believe the university allows the field house to look so horrible. This is the first look at the university that many prospective students and community members see. I'd think it's imperative to get a new Southeast sign on the corner, pave the lot and re-surface the building to match the stadium. That would make a huge difference.

Holden deserves praise

NO, SOUTHEAST Missourian sages, it is not time for Gov. Bob Holden to do the politically expedient thing. It's admirable that the governor is willing to risk his political future on a matter of principle. You should be praising, not pooh-poohing, his political courage.

Graduation behavior

IN A televised meeting of the Cape Girardeau School Board, Central High School principal Mike Cowan praised the decorum of CHS students at the graduation ceremony while disparaging the graduation ceremony manners displayed by "a local university." Though perhaps true and indeed a courageous comment, I have my doubts as to the wisdom of Cowan's public pronouncement.

Calling their bluff

HERE'S THE real skinny. Missouri Republican lawmakers wrongly concluded that Gov. Bob Holden lacked the guts to call their bluff on their legislative lunacy.

Feet to the fire

STATE SEN. Peter Kinder is to be congratulated for his research to show that his political opponent, Gov. Bob Holden, is the first in Missouri's history to hold the legislature's feet to the fire in order to try to get the lawmakers to behave responsibly. That Holden is not a go-along-to-get-along governor is good.

Billboards aren't pretty

REGARDING THE advertising billboard that is being placed next to the new Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge: Just because it's not about walnut bowls doesn't mean it's any less an eyesore. And I'm confident there will be many more to follow. If they can trash up the view of our new high school from I-55, I'm sure there will be no hesitation to do the same to the entrance to the city.

Janitor responds

I TAKE offense at using janitors as a comparison to promote teachers salaries. We are not low-lifes who can't get a real job. We play a very import role in the operation of the school. We are not there to clean up your children's messes. We are there to clean up normal everyday dirt that comes into the building. You are supposed to be teaching your children to clean up their own messes.

Spewing vitriol

EVERYBODY HAS an opinion of Hillary Clinton, but I have something to say to the people who spew such invective comments against her as I have seen in Speak Out. I pity you. You are classic bait for mindless talk radio. You're filled with bitterness and hatred toward Mrs. Clinton, and you don't even know her. I'll bet you speak your poison in front of your children and spread your vitriol to them. What would Jesus say about your hatred?

Whining about booze

WHEN THE anti-smoking policies came into effect, all the smokers whined because they couldn't smoke in public places and had to wait an hour or so before they could light up a cancer stick. Now the boozers in Jackson are crying because they can't drink in the park during the Fourth of July festivities. Can't they see what a hold alcohol has on their lives? What they are saying is that without alcohol they couldn't have fun. They are a bunch of wimps who has allowed the alcohol industry to control their lives. I hope they will wake up some day.

Stop the free ride

REDUCE THE number of free-ride businesses by placing them in both the income-taxpaying category and the property-taxpaying category. This is hard to do because of the numerous special-interest protections. One way to do it would be that if the non-taxpaying business competes with a taxpaying business, then it too should be a taxpaying business. This way no tax credits have to be taken away, no incentives for environmental improvements have to be taken away and taxes do not have to be raised on the taxpaying business which causes it to look at relocating to other states where the business climate is more favorable. Some of the free-ride people are actually government agencies that should not be in business in the first place.

Shoddy finances

A NEWS item stated the Cape Girardeau School District's budget was off by $1.5 million dollars. This is a large amount and seems to reflect shoddy financial management. I feel someone should be held accountable for this budget snafu. How can anyone explain this just happened and the accounting procedures did not reveal it until now? This suggests appropriate accounting checks and balances were not in place or not working adequately.

Dealing with rioters

IT LOOKS like the coalition in Iraq is going to have to build several large encampments to put all rioters and peace disturbers in -- with guards, of course -- so as to be able to rebuild Iraq without all the street rioters who cause turmoil and death to servicemen. After stability has been restored to Iraq, there will be jobs for these men only if they can live peaceably within their communities.

Different standards

A DRUNK driver was charged with the death of a pregnant woman and her unborn child. To those who choose to abort a child, it's a choice. How can this be? We have a sick law and sick society where a life is taken then judged by different laws, values and moral conscience.

City responsibility

THE WATER company tore up my brand-new front lawn. I had paid over $3,000 to get my lawn looking nice. When I call various city departments, everybody shifts the blame or people aren't in their office or they've gone home for the day. No one cares. Now the mayor wonders why we don't want a tax increase. This is the type of city government we have. The mayor must take responsibility.

Essential noises

SOME NOISES can't be helped. They are essential to some things.

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