Letter to the Editor

Need to enforce street name set back in 1961

Saturday, June 28, 2003

To the editor:

Traveling north on Big Bend Road, you turn east on a street called East Cape Rock Drive, according to a 1961 Cape Girardeau ordinance. This street heads to the historic Cape Rock Park. When you get to Country Club Drive, you have to turn left and yield to traffic coming north on Main Street. When returning from the country club on Country Club Drive, you yield to traffic on East Cape Rock Drive. This main artery has no stop signs.

All the addresses should be East Cape Rock Drive for the benefit of the post office, fire department, police department and emergency medical services.

Let's stop the confusion and enforce the 1961 ordinance. Shame on the city for allowing Country Club Drive signs to stay up all these years. Council, please do your duty as elected officials. Give East Cape Rock Drive its proper names.

I have lived on East Cape Rock Drive for 37 years. I don't need a change of address at this late date.


Cape Girardeau