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Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Filming of 'Killshot' in Cape Girardeau is expected to begin later this month. As the filming approaches, local filmmaker Michael Huntington supplied for Off! Magazine some facts about the filming.

All the useless knowledge you wanted to know but were afraid to ask

* The production of "Killshot" has been in the works for nearly two decades - the book having been written in the '80s. Originally, Quentin Tarantino wanted to direct it starring himself as Richie Nix with Robert DeNiro playing Armand "Blackbird" Degas!

* Many stars were up for some of the lead parts in "Killshot" but, for one reason or another, were not used. Viggo Mortensen was to play Wayne Colson at one time and Karen Allen was said to be up for the role of Carmen! The part of Richie Nix was to be played by singer Justin Timberlake at one point!

* Cape Girardeau is featured in "Killshot" for two reasons: our unique name and our river floodwall! Author Elmore Leonard found an inland cape to be intriguing and put it in the novel for that reason! He also thought that our downtown wall, which resembles a prison wall, provided some symbolic irony to the story as the main characters seek freedom from pursuing criminals while in witness protection!

* A number of Elmore Leonard's works have been adapted into feature films by Hollywood: "52 Pickup," "Rum Punch" ("Jackie Brown"), "Get Shorty," and "Be Cool" just to name a few. Mr. Leonard is a popular writer in Hollywood and a favorite of directors like Quentin Tarantino.

* The "Killshot production in Canada began filming in and around Toronto this past October. They have reportedly been filming in the nearby towns of Algonac, Bradford, Oak Ridges, and Richmond Hill. They were supposed to wrap up the Canadian filming sometime in late November before coming to Cape!

* The last major feature film to shoot scenes in Cape Girardeau was the 2002 documentary entitled "Stevie." It was directed by the award-winning "Hoop Dreams" director, and SIU Carbondale film school graduate, Steve James. The Old Cape Bridge was seen in this acclaimed film as well as area hospitals and local doctors.

Possible 'Killshot' filming locations

Here are some of the places in Cape Girardeau that have been rumored as possible shooting locations when the "Killshot" movie films here Dec. 19-23. There is no official confirmation on these, but it is said they have been looked at and the rumors abound.

The Common Pleas Courthouse - May be the location where character Wayne Colson seeks employment while in witness protection.

The Cape Riverfront - We may see some touching scenes here between Wayne and Carmen as they consider the future and take in the view.

The Cape Floodwall - Cape was put in the book because our wall ironically looks like a prison wall. Look for scenes to be shot near the wall.

The Missouri Dry Docks - Wayne will be working here. Look for this location, and local workers, to appear in the film.

Downtown Streets - A number of downtown streets: Broadway, Water, Main, Spanish and others may be blocked off to shoot scenes.

Downtown Cape Businesses - A number of business have been approached as possible locations. Word has it that the third floor of Buckner's may be used to shoot in.

The Federal Building or the Police Station - These places, or other area buildings, may serve as Cape U.S. Marshall Ferris Britton's offices.

West Park Mall - We may see some of the movie's stars shopping here, both on and off camera.

Other Houses and Complexes - The exteriors, or even interiors, of a number of homes or apartment buildings may be used to represent the Colson's home.

"Wild Card" locations that may also be utilized: local restaurants, taverns, parks, hospitals, parking lots, hotels, gas stations, grocery stores, and numerous other possibilities!

Cast and crew

Here are just a few of the known cast and crew from the "Killshot" production currently shooting in Toronto. While all may not make it down to Cape, we should see many of these people on our streets filming this month.

Diane Lane - Actress playing Carmen Colson

Thomas Jane - Actor playing Wayne Colson

Johnny Knoxville - Actor playing Cape U.S. Marshal Ferris Britton

Mickey Rourke - Actor playing Armand "Blackbird" Degas

Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Actor playing Richie Nix

John Madden - Director

Bob and Harvey Weinstein - Weinstein Company Executives

Quentin Tarantino - Executive Producer

Lawrence Bender - Executive Producer

Erica Steinberg - Executive Producer

Elmore Leonard - Author of "Killshot"

Hossein Brancik - Screenwriter

Richard Galdstein - Producer

Jim Powers - Co-Producer

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