Squirrel gets woman suspended from work

MICHIGAN CITY, Ind. -- A woman says she was suspended from her job for spending too much time trying to rescue a squirrel trapped in the ceiling of the library where she works.

Cindee Goetz said she contacted a friend who owns an animal-removal business about the animal after a company hired by the library tried using a trap that would kill it.

"It's a real pickle to be in, all over me being compassionate toward animals," Goetz said. "They said I went around the chain of command. I was paying more attention to the animal than I was my job."

Judy Hamilton, the library's executive director, said the suspension followed other animal problems with Goetz. The library had to be most concerned about the safety of its visitors and the possible cost of damage by the squirrel, Hamilton said.

"I don't want that squirrel to die, either, but I can't allow a live animal to be headquartered in that building," Hamilton said. "It's a severe situation I can't ignore. I'm not running a squirrel condominium here."

Goetz said that she was reprimanded last year for caring for an abandoned bird during work breaks while keeping it in a garage at the library branch in LaPorte.

Goetz, who owns an animal shelter, said she planned to return to her job after the one-week suspension.