More added to list of Cape treasures

Monday, November 28, 2005

Every three months, the Cape Girardeau Historic Preservation Commission selects buildings that illustrate important elements of the city's culture and history.

Selections for the fall and winter of 2005 are:

* 213 S. Middle St. (Lutz house), built c. 1900; owner is Olivette Kassel.

* 1250 Normal Ave., (Shelby original owner) built c. 1935; owners are Trey and Tracy Curtis.

* 380 N. Park (VanAlpen house), built c. 1927; owners are Lester and Janet Goodin.

* 605 Independence St. (Corner Pub), built c. 1910; owner John Boos; once was a hotel/ rooming house.

* 334 S. Spanish St., 340 S. Spanish St.; two of the three identical homes built by the Osterling daughters in c. 1905; owner is Jack Rickard.

The commission promotes preservation when it makes sense by retaining the building's character through maintenance.

The properties are not required by the commission to be restored to their original state but will not be recognized if original architectural designs have been eliminated by new construction.

Selections made by the commission are recognized with yard signs identifying the properties as "One of Cape's Original Treasures." Signs remain in the yard for three to four months.

To nominate a property, call Barbara Port at 335-1429.

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