The meth problem

Monday, November 28, 2005

The Sikeston (Mo.) Standard Democrat

The federal government with much fanfare unveiled a new ad campaign in Missouri that hopes to inform citizens of the dangers of methamphetamine.

Someone needs to tell the feds that they're a day late and a dollar short. What we need is not an ad campaign, but rather some solution to the growing epidemic of meth use.

How about spending that money for rehabilitation services for meth addicts and then mandate that the courts send all first-time users to an intensive rehab?

Or how about mandating that manufacturers of any product that can be used in making meth contain an ingredient that would render that substance useless for the meth maker. ...

Meth addicts need rehab services. ... They need to pay a price for their actions but they also need to be returned as productive members of society. The system of punishment as it now stands is simply not working.

But instead, we get all excited about a new Web site for meth information, a new brochure that talks of the dangers and a host of billboards that outline the problem.

That may make us feel good about ourselves but it won't solve the problem.

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