Speak Out 11/27/05

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Dangerous deer

THIS IS to the Missouri Conservation Department. A friend of mine hit two deer on North Kingshighway. Tonight someone hit another deer as I went by. I want to know why there can't be anything done for this. It costs us numerous dollars for deductibles, and our insurance rates are going sky high because the conservation department cannot control the deer population. Is there anything that can be done near the county park? Can a fence be put up? Can they do anything to stop this from happening?

Gasoline pricing

I HOPE people don't complain about the high price of gasoline this Thanksgiving season. If I were the owner of a gas station, especially along the interstate, about noon Wednesday my price would go up at least a dime and would stay there until noon Thursday. On Sunday around noon I would raise it again another dime. On Monday I'd drop the back down. AAA says Wednesday and Sunday are the two busiest travel days in the United States. Since gas prices are based on the law of supply and demand, I would raise prices a dime each of those days.

Bus memories

IS THERE anyone who remembers years ago, during the 1940s, when there was bus service in Cape Girardeau? I used to ride the buses. I wish someone would tell us how it was back then and now.

Not for moderates

I STRONGLY disagree with the caller who said we need more moderates in politics. As a conservative, I have more respect for a self-proclaimed liberal than I do for a moderate. When you vote for a liberal or conservative, you know what you're voting for. When you vote for a moderate, you're voting for a person who wants to please everybody and has constantly revolving principles. In short, moderates don't stand for anything.

Disaster assistance

I SEE everybody is still worrying about Hurricane Katrina damage. Have they ever heard of the Galveston hurricane, the Chicago fire or San Francisco earthquake? They rebuilt and recovered without any help from the government.

St. Louis needs cleanup

IF ST. Louis is the third most dangerous city in the United States, maybe Missouri should concentrate on cleaning up St. Louis instead of building athletic stadiums. What could we do to help clean up St. Louis? How could we help them to become a better and cleaner city without as much danger?

More industry

REGARDING JACKSON'S need for a new fire substation and sales-tax increase to pay for it: I know Jackson's getting bigger, but there seems to not be any new industry coming into town. The town has fine schools and fine parks, but we need to start getting people working in Jackson. Everybody works in Cape Girardeau and drives home to Jackson. It's time for a change. The mayor needs to get more industry in this town.

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