Fitness Q&A 6/26/03

Jared Tanz, 22

  • What is your favorite exercise? Which exercise is the most effective?"I run every day and lift weights two to three times a week. We do a mixture of road running and sprints and I also ride my bike often."

    Where do you go to work out and how often?

    "I work out six days a week at Southeast's Recreation Center and running around the city."

    What do you eat?"I probably don't watch what I eat as much as I should. Being a college student, it's hard to eat right. When important meets come around I make sure to eat chicken and pastas. I stay away from sweets and soda, so I don't have to worry about that."

    What do you think of supplements?

    "I've never taken supplements. That's more for lifting -- trying to bulk up."

    How do you motivate yourself?"Just being an athlete gets me going. And our coach, Tammy Wenkel, she really has helped keep us going and staying in shape. And I feel if I'm just sitting around I feel like a bum."

    -- Jeremy Joffray

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