Speak Out 11/23/05

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

No smoking excuses

THE EXCUSE of peer pressure leading to smoking is no longer valid. The majority of teens not only don't smoke, but most avoid smokers. I've asked teens why they started. None of their answers is sensible or honest. Too bad that at age 16 I didn't have the information about health issues and addictions that teenagers have today. Now, 47 years later and after nine attempts at stopping, my only opinion of teens who start smoking: stupid. Teens, do not light that first cigarette. You might spend the rest of your lives spending thousands of dollars on them, being ostracized, smelling of smoke and possibly developing lung cancer.

Learning about veterans

IF SCHOOLS were out on Veterans Day, would parents have the time to teach lessons about veterans? First-graders at Clippard Elementary School interviewed veterans, wrote essays and made cards that were delivered to the Veterans Home. Many classrooms do individual projects without having whole-school assemblies.

Iraq's civil war

THANKS, JOE Lieberman, for demonstrating that there are still some gullible Democrats out there. The concern that if U.S. troops leave Iraq now, that country will descend into Civil War is lunatic. As our military leaders recognize, Iraq is already in a civil war. That's what this bloodbath has been for months.

Weather caution

TO THE caller who said bad weather was not Armageddon: I hope your complacency doesn't prove fatal. I am sure the families of the 22 persons killed in Indiana, the family of the person killed in last week's storms, the people in Jackson who had a tornado a few years ago, the people who lost their homes to the weather, the people who had to deal with flash flooding from 5 inches of rain would love to have your inspiration and ignore inclement weather. Tornadoes drop from the sky like a bomb. You don't know where it will hit. People did not over-react. They reacted to the news and erred on the side of caution. Warnings have saved many lives and given people a chance to take shelter, if they listen. Most people are not afraid, but common sense tells you to take shelter. So laugh if you will, and say "Hi" to the people in Oz for us if you visit during the next tornado.

Global divisions

THE "HAVES" are those countries and governments who choose to participate in the global economy. The "have-nots" are those who choose not to. The global economy is what separates man from beast, ally from enemy. You may not like the rationale, or you may say it's too harsh. But it's a cold, hard fact that he global war on terror is a battle between these two groups. Who places the countries or governments into each classification? Their own actions and desires.

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