Fan Speak Nov20

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Difference of opinion

I READ with interest the article on Lauren Lueders signing with Vanderbilt. Congratulations to her. She's certainly a great player. But I must take issue with Saxony Lutheran coach John Daniels' outrageous statement that he's seen every girls basketball player in Southeast Missouri since 1974 and that Lauren Lueders is by far the best player that he has seen. Pretty bold comment. There's been some awfully good players. In fact, only one high school All-American in that same time frame that's come out of Southeast Missouri and that was Darla Pannier of Central. Along with Darla Pannier, Jackson's Andrea Siemers and some other great players could hold their own with Lueders, and they were highly recruited. Lueders may wind up proving to be the best player but I don't think he can say that she is the best by far.

Lacking Central

THE SOUTHEAST Missourian story last week about all-SEMO Conference football mentioned only SEMO North and SEMO South. Why have you neglected the SEMO Central boys? Are they not worthy of recognition?

(The South and North divisions include teams in the Southeast Missourian coverage area; the Central does not.)

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