Everybody's a critic: 'Chicken Little'

Friday, November 18, 2005
A scene from 'Chicken Little'

Three stars (out of four)

"Chicken Little" was a really fun time. This film was certainly designed with children and pre-teens in mind, and it was actually released in 3-D in some places. The director, Mark Dindal, has been working for Disney since the 1980s, and directed the hilarious "The Emperor's New Groove." Most of us have heard the story of "Chicken Little," but it's amazing how a creative team of Disney writers can spin such an old tale into a modern child's life.

The main character, Chicken Little, and his friends have to convince the town that the sky really is falling. In fact, it's extraterrestrial tourists that are at fault. The story is sweet and the animation is unbelievable. The music is a little trying, but that comes with the territory. For younger children, it's full of gags and action; for older children, it's full of colorful characters and one-liners. This film was adorable.

-- Methan Holcomb

Three stars (out of four)

What a true delight "Chicken Little" was to see with my son. Though the name-calling was a bit extreme, this was not one of those animated movies you wish you hadn't taken your children to because of innuendoes and harsh language. This film was a honest portrayal of our society -- hidden behind cartoon figures -- of judging others by their appearance, teasing and ridiculing, and sports being made top priority.

This message comes through loud and clear throughout: Children should know beyond a shadow of a doubt that their parents love them. Also, the message that it is OK to be different is one we all need to hear repeated.

Finally, as an educator, I especially loved the awesome creative problem-solving used by Chicken Little from beginning to end. What a great role model for all, young or old.

-- Leslie Wright-Essner

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