Speak Out 11/18/05

Friday, November 18, 2005

Responsible driving

THE SPEED limit is the maximum allowed speed. There is also a minimum allowed speed. As long as a driver is in between the two, he is driving responsibly. A person who drives the speed limit, or close to it, should use the fast lane whenever necessary.

Saving fuel

IT'S AMAZING how people are belittling motorists who drive under the speed limit. I know most of you are too young to remember, but back in the early 1970s during the oil embargo, the speed limit was lowered to 55 mph to save energy. If everybody would drive 55, it would save enough energy that the oil companies would have to come down on gasoline prices. Just because most of you want to go 75 and 80 on the interstate doesn't mean the ones who want to get better fuel efficiency should have to speed up and drive the same speed as you do.

A good lesson

I AM a teacher of 32 years, wife of a Vietnam veteran, mother of an Army captain (she and her husband, also an Army captain are both OEF/OIF veterans) and an active member of Marine Comfort Quilts. I would like to make the following observation after reading the article about loss of a day's normal classroom work. A day spent making quilt blocks is a learning experience. It is a lesson in helping to provide historical meaning and tribute for those who have given their lives in service to their country. It is not a waste or loss of time on task. The lesson learned was compassion, love of our fellow man and woman and giving of oneself for the support and comfort of families left behind. Art, penmanship, math and literature could have figured into the exercise. I applaud Laura Hayden, her students and the administration of her school who seem to understand the deeper meanings of life and see the wealth of knowledge in teaching it to their students. The families who receive these quilts send back tearful thanks and appreciation for them. A day of quilt block making will forever be remembered by the 100 families who will receive a quilt with one of these wonderful student-made quilt blocks.

Casino spending

YOU CAN'T assume that casino visitors don't spend money on businesses nearby. My wife and I spent two days in Natchez, Miss., a couple years ago and spent a lot more money at downtown stores and restaurants than we spent at the casino.

Recruiters in school

A CALLER recently complained that "recruiters are allowed in high schools promoting the war and sugar coating what really goes on, but the word God or peacefulness is banned from schools." I would respectfully submit that those military recruiters are promoting the defense of freedoms like freedom of worship and expression more than war. Additionally, over 60 percent of the local National Guard recruiting force has served in Iraq, so I doubt they're sugar coating anything.

Teaching terrorism

ACCORDING TO the Nov. 21 issue of Newsweek, "If Afghanistan under the Taliban was a backwoods school for terrorism, Iraq is an urban university." No kidding.

Just the beginning

I FEAR that the Iraq-centered bombings in Jordan are just the beginning. When will it end? When will it ever end?

University substation

THE STUDENT who wants the post office on Frederick Street undoubtedly is a commerce major and will do well in business, because he's going to look out for himself completely. The rest of the city is moving west, and he wants to keep the post office downtown because it's more handy for him. Put a substation near the university.

Poor drainage

I WONDER when the city is going to do something about the flooding behind the houses on Melrose Avenue. That area is flooded due to the engineering for the subdivisions. All the drainage goes into one little drain.

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