Letter to the Editor

Let's seek solutions, not label

Friday, November 18, 2005

Education and minorities

To the editor:

I'm responding to two Speak Out comments, "Desire to learn" and "Choose to succeed," regarding the high number of minorities failing in the public schools here.

I'm not sure of their intentions. Are they seeking a solution to the problem, or do they just want to put a negative spotlight on minorities?

I don't think anyone growing up, much less a whole race, wants to be a failure. Could it be possible that the teachers, the schools or maybe even the programs themselves are failing these students? Does the end result justify the means? Or does the means justify the end result?

If a doctor prescribes a medication for a patient and the medicine is not working, does he blame the patient and allow him to be sick?

How about considering these students and their families as citizens of this community instead of referring to them as minorities? I'm sure many of these students live in single-parent homes and the parent works evenings or possibly has to work two jobs, which this has become as much a "majority" problem as it has been a "minority" problem growing over the last couple of decades.

There could be numerous logical reasons other than those in these two blatantly empty and arrogant comments. It sounds like to me our community is failing these families.

Think outside the box.

DEBORAH J. BENNETT, Cape Girardeau