Cape River Heritage Museum elects new officers to board

Monday, November 14, 2005

The outcome of the Cape River Heritage annual election, held recently by the board of directors, included Marjorie Thompson president; Robyn Mainor vice president; Margaret Ford secretary; Dr. John Holcomb treasurer.

Terri Foley resigned from the board of directors but will serve in an advisory position.

A new board member, Ms. Duane Foster, formerly from Chicago, was welcomed.

Exhibitions from Nov. 11 to Dec. 17 include a personal Christmas collection from Chief Paul White Eagle, a decorated feather tree contributed by Judge Stanley Grimm and the current Southeast Missourian and sports exhibits.

Interns Liz Murphy and Rachael Jeffries, Southeast Missouri State University historic preservation association students, will work with Cape Girardeau Fire Department Capt. Sam Welker to develop scrapbooks of the department.

The museum closes Dec. 17 and will reopen mid-March to celebrate Cape Girardeau's bicentennial and the 25th anniversary of Cape River Heritage Museum's present fire station location.

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