Speak Out A 06/24/03

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

No alcohol spells doom

I SEE Jackson is not allowing any alcohol in the City Park for the Fourth of July picnic. It won't be long until this celebration follows Riverfest into just being a memory.

Summer-school scam

I HATE to sound so harsh, but summer-school programs are cash cows. While deviating from the standard curriculum and forgoing rigorous learning in favor of fun, schools are reimbursed at twice the per-pupil rate than they are during the regular school session. Thus, schools are encouraged in a financial ways to fill school buildings to the brim during the summer. This seems diametrically opposed to their supposed goal of using the regular school year to teach success. Instead, the financial incentive encourages failure and rewards students with a fun-filled summer. This program needs to be foreclosed forthwith.

A really long name

HOW ABOUT renaming the street in question? Call it East Cape Rock Country Club Drive. Just get some really big street signs.

Use surveillance cameras

AS A result of some tough city ordinances and under the leadership of public safety director Drew Juden, Sikeston has made significant inroads into getting some of the city's problems under control. Cape Girardeau seems to be in a reactionary posture, waiting to see what will happen and then taking incremental steps to deal with the situation. This is a recipe for disaster. Aggressive action is needed immediately to deal with potential problems growing out of large crowds gathering in south Cape. Installing surveillance cameras on light poles that scan faces and feed them into a national crime database would be a good start.

Full-time mayor

WITH THE city manager position vacant, maybe it would be a good time to change how things are done in Cape Girardeau. I think this would be a perfect time to make the mayor position full-time. The city might actually be able to save money. Having a full-time mayor would also allow the city to potentially have a more powerful voice outside of the city limits.

Time to sacrifice

WHAT INSANITY: a governor wanting a tax increase in these lean economic times. Gov. Bob Holden's demand is a typical tax-and-spend Democratic Party tactic of years wasteful bureaucratic orgy. You'd think the Democrats would realize the taxpayers are already overburdened and that there is a need for responsible management, accountability and some sacrifices.

Those tax loopholes

GOV. BOB Holden just negotiated a tax incentive for Ford Motor Co. to keep its plant in Hazelwood open in exchange for some tax credits. That's a loophole, and the governor is saying he wants to close the corporate tax loopholes. He's talking out of both sides of his mouth.

Irresponsible reporting

I WAS a little surprised and very disappointed and upset at the Southeast Missourian for the article advertising a hallucinogenic drug that can be bought legally. I cannot imagine a more irresponsible action.

On good behavior

I'VE HAD children in sports in Jackson City Park forever. Never have I seen anyone drink a beer while participating in activities. Everyone behaves themselves as a person should in a city park.

As soon as possible

THIS IS not intended to be negative toward doctors. I know they're busy, especially if you have to go see a specialist. But it can be frustrating. You wait a month and a half or two months to get in to get an appointment. After the diagnosis, sometimes the doctor says, "I wish you had come to see me sooner."

The heat is on

WELL, SUMMER is here, and the heat is finally on.

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