Letter to the Editor

Cape Girardeau has so much to offer for critical needs

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

To the editor:

When taking a new position and moving to another state, one typically looks carefully for a bank, insurance agent, school and perhaps shopping amenities.

An overriding importance when relocating to another city is balance of physical, emotional, spiritual and other critical needs, as well as giving of oneself in a meaningful way in meeting needs of others, if an effective quality of life is to be achieved.

While having recently served several semesters as a professor of interior design at Southeast Missouri State University, I am most appreciative of the Cape Girardeau community, the university faculty, locally owned restaurants, retailers including antique shops, Habitat for Humanity, murals and historic preservation.

I am deeply thankful for the unforgettable kindnesses extended by the leaders and members of First Baptist Church and the Baptist Student Union.

From them I have gained life-changing experiences useful in my new work and community commitments. Hats off to the team spirit and warmth of these women and men, together with their follow-through as they render strategic empowering experiences, significant spiritual and material resources for the welfare of so many and the credibility of their vision and mission as commissioned by Christ.

Thank you, Cape Girardeau. Thank you, First Baptist Church.


Smiths Grove, Ky.