Speak Out 11/8/05

Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Dirt for the infield

WHILE IN the Jackson City Park recently, I noticed the park department had been working on the ballfields. I hope it puts 2 to 3 inches of good dirt on the infields to cover all the sand that has been placed on the fields the last several years. The armory field was so sandy this past summer that the ball would not roll on the field. I hope someone from city hall who cares about the condition of the fields reads this and will try to explain to the park director what kind of dirt it takes to make a good playing infield. Jack Martin does a great job of taking care of the fields, but he needs some help from city hall to see that he gets what he needs to get the job done.

Dim prospects

I AM a Southeast Missouri State University graduate who cannot find a job. My major was business administration, I did not go on field trips to the cemetery but did go on trips to several area businesses to see how they operate. This was done during our regular class time. I chose my major thinking it would lead to a marketable degree. How wrong I was. In this area a GED and two or three years experience will get you further than any degree. How do college graduates get experience if no one will hire you? I submit 15 to 20 resumes a week and rarely receive a call for an interview. No one in this area wants a non-traditional graduate with limited experience.

Focus on everyone

WHAT IS the big deal with the increase in black enrollment at Southeast Missouri State University? Why should that even matter? There should be a focus on everyone. Why do the black students choose to segregate themselves from the rest of the school? I do not think that this is what Martin Luther King wanted. Why was there a black Homecoming while the regular Homecoming was going on? It doesn't seem right. Why can't we all be a united school.

Giant leap back

DID YOU hear? The world is flat, and the earth is the center of the universe. For centuries the church held these beliefs, and anyone who stepped forth with evidence to disprove these beliefs was destroyed. These beliefs were based on nothing more than superstition and a primitive imagination. But where was the physical proof? Fortunately, science disproved these ridiculous beliefs by finding physical evidence that could be tested by anyone. Intelligent design is taking a giant leap back to the past where superstition ruled our lives.

Great education

MY HUSBAND and I both graduated from Southeast Missouri State University and have had tremendous success. Several of our friends have as well. We feel we got the best education at SEMO. Out in the real world we are more educated than graduates of the University of Missouri or other larger and more prestigious institutions. The education we got at SEMO prepared us for life. Work ethic and responsibility, on the other hand, are something that cannot be taught in the classroom. Maybe our fellow unemployed alumni are lacking in that. A degree only works as hard as you do.

Student diversity

I HAVE a dream of a day when college students are not judged or recruited based on the color of their skin. I dream of a day when Southeast Missouri State University will recruit and teach the best students and not waste time counting students of each ethnic group. That day is coming soon, because so many of our students come from more than one ethnic background and do not fit into categories. We need to be the best university and welcome all students.

Goodbye, eyesore

I'M GLAD the rusty barge is leaving Cape Girardeau's riverfront. It has been an eyesore for too long. The city has made wonderful improvments along the river in the downtown area. If there is a need for a docking facility, surely something better than a rusty barge could be found.

Not our war

THE BUSH White House has been caught with its pants down, so now it is trying to rewrite history. The Wall Street Journal editorial reprinted in the Southeast Missourian failed to point out two critical components of the campaign for war undertaken by the Bush White House. First, when the Senate Foreign Relations Committee -- in possession of the evidence -- voted on the war resolution, it rejected it. It was only after the White House campaign of fear and intimidation that the entire Senate, having generally not read the evidence, voted to allow war -- and then only if the security of the U.S. were threatened, which it never was. Second, it was the cherry-picking of evidence outside the normal intelligence chain by Vice President Cheney's Office of Special Plans that deceived many Americans and their politicians into supporting the president. No matter how you slice it, this is the Bush-Cheney War. It is not a congressional war, and it is not the people's war.

Skewed results

WERE SOME recent presidential opinion polls weighted to support Bush bashers? The answer is yes. Shouldn't an unbiased press report the unreliability of the poll numbers? This answer is also yes. Why would the press knowingly repeat results of polls skewed to make President Bush look weak? Does the press' constant derision of Bush help our country? Does it help our soldiers fighting for their country? I bet the media longs for the days when lies could be repeated and there was no way to expose the truth. Those days are gone, and conservatives are here to stay.

Dear France

OPEN LETTER to France: Dear France, Try shooting the thugs setting your cities on fire. Don't make us come over and clean up your mess again. With warm regards, A former friend.

Made-up terms

"JUDICIAL ACTIVISM" and "legislation from the bench" are made-up terms by the right wing. No judge can make a law. These terms are used in a one-sided manner to describe the act of judging as politics. The only time this term is used is when conservatives disagree with the ruling.

Responsible coverage

IT IS not uncommon for individuals to be covered under two insurance plans. Many of the elderly have both Medicare and a supplemental insurance. Any agent that claims you are committing fraud for both insurance and Medicaid would probably prefer that you have only Medicaid rather than burden the insurance company with liability. I think that, under the circumstances, you are being more responsible by doing as you are. Our Medicaid system is abused by many, but you are not among them. Thank you for being responsible parents and taking care of your children. There are too many cases where a parent will drop insurance to spite the other parent. Who suffers? The child.

Exit deceleration

THIS MAY fall on deaf ears, but I have to say what a dangerous but common practice it is for those exiting I-55 at Jackson to slow down to 50 mph or even 40 mph sometimes as far as half a mile before they reach the exit. People coming up behind you are still driving 70 mph and are closing fast. They have to brake suddenly or veer into the passing lane to avoid rear-ending you. Someone is going to get killed. They built those nice long double deceleration lanes on this exit for this very reason. They are plenty long to slow down and stop before the light. Please use them for your sake and for others.

Recycling schedule

WE BAG or mulch our leaves. After bagging seven bags of leaves and taking them to the recycling center Saturday, we had to bring them back home because the recycling center is not open on Saturday any more. We try to do our part, but I guess we will just put the leaves out in the street like most people do. The majority of working people can't get to the center before 5 p.m. during the week.

Three possibilities

THE LARGE gap between white and minority students in academic achievement can only be explained one of three ways: White students are smarter than minority students; the MAP test and our teachers discriminate against minority students; or minority students have no reason to do their best on a standardized test that they are in no way held accountable for.

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