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Monday, June 23, 2003

Eliminating terror

Until those terrorists are cleaned out of Palestine, there will be no peace for the Palestinian or Israeli people. Those terrorists who are creating devastation throughout the world have got to be completely eliminated if the peace-loving people of the world are ever able to be free of fear and live in peace.

No more gravy train

To those who don't want to get off the gravy train: That train has stopped at the station of responsibility and accountability. No longer will that train race through the taxpayers' country with abandon, leaving them overburdened with spendthrift litter. The buck train stops here.

Parental duties

ACCORDING TO Hillary Clinton, it takes a village to raise children. Sure, somebody, including the police, has to try to keep kids from danger and mischief while their mothers are working. Instead of encouraging mothers to stay home to raise their children, Clinton shifted the responsibility to the neighborhood and village. She also attempts to take parents' rights from their children, claiming children have the right to make their own decisions.

Irritating stoplight

IS THERE a more irritating stop light than the one at Old Orchard Road and Jackson Boulevard? Anyone who drives back and forth between Jackson and Cape Girardeau knows what I'm talking about.

No silk purse

TO THE gullible person who read Hillary Clinton's book and bragged on her intellect, intelligence and command of the English language: It's so pathetic. Others wrote her book. They polished it. They're not going to reveal her temper, her hungry ambition, the way she uses and blames and treats others. She's portrayed as a poor victim, a heroine, trying to hold her family together in spite of a womanizing spouse. You just can't make a silk purse out of a pig's ear.

Drinking in the park

THEY'RE NOT going to allow any drinking in the Jackson City Park this Fourth of July. A man wants to enjoy an event in the park, but he can't have a cold bottle of beer. I don't understand that. They drink while they're playing ball, and nobody says a word.

Shooting off fireworks

EVERY YEAR in Scott City Country Club area, kids shoot firecrackers off anywhere from two to three weeks before they are legal. The police department never makes any attempt to stop it. They should fine the responsible parents and use the money to improve the park, the streets or the drainage problem.

Noise is noise is ...

I WONDER if the highly touted Sikeston noise ordinance would be so popular if it were being enforced against lawn mowers, marching bands, parades, church bells or any other loud noise considered to be less offensive than the window-rattling bass coming from a teenager's car stereo.

Messy domestics

I LIVE on a quiet street with good neighbors. Almost every weekend a divorced dad picks up his children. The ex-wife loses her temper and starts shouting and cussing in front of the children. She follows him screaming all the way to the car and won't let him leave. The woman at the police station told me to report her to the Division of Family Services for child abuse. I can't believe they would have to tell her when she's wrong and hurting her own children and upsetting the whole neighborhood.

Making choices

THE REPUBLICAN legislators say they will not consider putting the tax increases that Gov. Bob Holden wants to a vote of the people because the people voted against them. True. But the people also voted against the right to carry a concealed weapon. So why are the Republicans wanting to force concealed weapons upon the people? At least Holden wanted the people of Missouri make the choice.

For the children

IF I hear politicians say "It's for the children" one more time, I'm going to bust. What Gov. Bob Holden doesn't realize is that after you tax and tax again for education "for the children," most parents won't be able to afford food and clothing "for the children."

If it sounds good ...

SOMEONE SAID he had just finished reading Hillary Clinton's new book and observed how refreshing it is to hear a politician who has intellect and a command of the English language. Gee whiz. That's exactly what I look for in my politicians too. Too many people are putting too much emphasis on things like integrity, conviction and honesty these days.

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