About 100 attend Crader family reunion at Cape park

Monday, June 23, 2003

The Crader family reunion, held June 8 at Cape County Park, was attended by about 100 people. Bill and Roma Swindle from Plainview, Texas, traveled the greatest distance; Ruby Statler, 85, was the oldest descendant present; Vicki Michael's granddaughter, Anabella, was the youngest descendant present at 14 months.

All the cookbooks sold, and half of the proceeds will benefit the Crader Cemetery Fund. More cookbooks can be assembled for next year if warranted. Donations combined with the auction raised approximately $1,080.

A committee was organized to oversee the maintenance and management of the Crader Cemetery Fund; they reported to the group on issues of managing the cemetery. They are Harold Crader, Scott Crader, Frances Cutright, Dorothy Eldracher, Dennis Hurst Sr. and Doris Hurst.

Oct. 11 and 12 have been set aside as workdays to replace the fence. Volunteers are needed.

Families attending from the Cape Girardeau area included Willard and Wilma Crader; Herman and Mary Crader; Alma Crader; Ruby Statler; Juanita Holloway; Pauline Irvine; Emily and Casey Irvine; Ron and Sharon Stroder; Mike and Florence Hurst; Gary and Vickie Hurst; Zee Anderson; Rodney and Carol Hurst; Lisa King; Imogean Stroder; Cathy Miller; Christy and Caylee McLeod; Carrie Grojean; JoAnn R. Crader; Redia Sebastian; Rodney and Karen Holloway; Daniel Holloway; Randy and Dorothy Gholson and Tyler; Charley and Lynn Westrick; Don, Beverly and Rachel Harris; Doris Hurst; Amy Blyn and Blake Reimann; Vicki Michael and Anabella; Dennis and Barbara Hurst and Cody.

Families attending from the Marble Hill area included Danette Farmer; Jerry and Dorothy Eldracher; Scott and Sissy Crader; Frances and Larry Cutright; Ruth and Lonnie Davenport; Vernon and Mary Davenport; Roy Crader; Barbara Shaver; Sheila Lutes; Robert and Ann Leadbetter; Mary Jane Crader; and Jim Crader.

Those attending from the St. Louis area included Harold and Jan Crader; Clarine Crader; Doris and Joe Walton and Samantha; Melanie Lawrence; Ben Lawrence; Robert and Jerry Lawrence; J.B. and Edna Smith; John and Margaret McClanahan; Bruce West; Pauline Crader; Sadie Estes; Kevin Estes; Charles and Mary Daniels; Gary and Alice Darby; Larry and Trisha Darby and daughter; Paul Crader.

Those attending from out of town or state included Harold and Joyce Partain; Carol and and Rebekah Adair; Audrey Crafton; Boyd Crafton; George and Leanna Bush; Bill and Roma Swindle; Devin and Christy Amelunke; Lucille Hinkle; Gene and Georgia Kaiser.

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