Letter to the Editor

No alternatives from Democrats

Friday, November 4, 2005

To the editor:

A host of liberal Democratic Party supporters are mired in anti-Bush rhetoric and are using the Iraq war as a catalyst for their agenda. The administration admitted to flawed pre-Iraq war intelligence. The administration publicly admitted it was ending its active search for weapons of mass destruction. A ruthless dictator with proven ties to al-Qaida has been removed. The military has a base of operations for future military activities in the Middle East. Sixteen of 19 Iraqi provinces are safe, and foreign terrorists are flocking to meet their god in the killing fields of Iraq instead of sitting idle, plotting to attack America or her interests.

A letter was recently intercepted from al-Qaida's No. 2 man detailing Osama bin Laden's financial and operational troubles due to our military and political efforts. The letter went on to say that Iraq was a test of wills between the Americans and al-Qaida.

Pakistan has joined the global war on terror. Who would have thought that a Middle Eastern country would join military forces with the U.S. in a common goal? Afghans and Iraqis have held free elections. Who would have predicted that a Middle Eastern country would hold democratic elections for all its citizenry regardless of ethnic or gender categories? The Bush administration has made mistakes, but it has also exhibited great proactive forethought. The Democratic Party and many of its outspoken supporters are stereotypical back-seat drivers offering much criticism but few alternatives.