'Killshot' producers seeking local help

Friday, November 4, 2005

Missouri Film Commission director gives tips on how to get involved.

The producers of "Killshot" are looking for some help with their movie shoot in Cape Girardeau, particularly from those who have some filmmaking experience to serve as production assistants.

The most logical place to find them in Cape Girardeau is among the ranks of the Cape Filmmakers Cooperative. Missouri Film Commission Director Jerry Jones met with members of the group Thursday night to discuss roles members could play in the production of the film.

"I was told that they would prefer to get people from the Cape Girar-deau area," Jones told the group. Producers hope to use local people to fill in production assistant jobs to save money on travel expenses.

"Killshot" is a movie based on an Elmore Leonard book partially set in Cape Girardeau. The major studio film will be directed by John Madden ("Shakespeare in Love"). Diane Lane and Thomas Jane will star as the female and male leads.

Production is set to take place in Cape Girardeau Dec. 19-23 and will require about 100 local extras and an unknown number of production assistants.

For the CFC, "Killshot" coming to Cape Girardeau is an opportunity on multiple levels.

"After the buzz over 'Killshot,' we're expecting this to generate more interest locally in filmmaking," said Charles Parsons, an active CFC member.

Parsons said it will also be of benefit for local independent filmmakers to see how the "big boys" do it.

The CFC boasts about 12 active members and more than 100 who work on projects. Members help out with filmmaking in a variety of ways, from acting to writing to directing to music. Clearly not all the members can be involved with the production, but Jones said there are plenty of opportunities to be had in a variety of production areas.

Jones gave CFC members resume tips on how to draw attention to their skills. Listing writing, directing or camera credits for small independent films they've worked on probably won't be enough.

"When you hear the term show business, it really is a business," Jones said. "Give them something ... that they can see, that they can link with something they need."

Jones said such skills as location scouting, makeup and wardrobe experience, food service experience and a construction background could all be marketable skills for the production.

CFC Chairman Pat Bond said the prospects of working on a major-budget picture are exciting, even if it is just in the capacity of an extra.

Members of the public are welcome to apply to be extras, and applications will be available Tuesday at the Cape Girardeau Public Library, the Convention and Visitors Bureau and online at www.mofilm.org.


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