Getting involved

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Recently, the Southeast Missourian published a checklist for parents preparing for parent-teacher conferences. For parents who regularly participate in these conferences, there were plenty of good tips: Write out questions and concerns in advance, listen to answers from teachers, be forthright, focus on setting goals, take notes. For parents who have scheduling conflicts, arrange another time to meet with teachers.

While that advice was good for parents who are interested in and concerned about their children's education, it does little for parents who seemingly take no interest in school.

Much has been said and written about the improved chances of success for students whose parents are active participants in their schooling. It isn't always easy for parents to make this special effort, and those who do are to be congratulated for helping to guide young minds in the right direction.

What to do for students who don't seem to care? Many districts have devised innovative ways to attract their interest. That should be a high priority for every school.

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