Letter to the Editor

Focus? Money, not environment

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

To the editor:

U.S. Rep. Jo Ann Emerson recently spoke at Southeast Missouri State University. Unfortunately, my suspicions were confirmed. Our representative is focused on money and big business at the expense of human and environmental health.

Emerson assumed everyone shared her views as she clarified what the Iraq War is about by arguing, "I am sure that you do not like being dependent on the Middle East or Venezuela for oil." In her defense of drug companies, she argued incorrectly that pharmaceutical agriculture is all-natural. Finally, she promoted greater oil company profits by arguing that environmental standards for oil refineries would be relaxed to allow more construction.

It worries me that our representative is focused on the satisfaction of affluent corporate constituents while exhibiting no concern for the long-term future of the land our great-grandchildren will farm or the planet they will inherit.

At the beginning of the presentation in a discussion about Brazilian agricultural production, Emerson revealed her environmental sensitivity by stating:, "I never thought I would hear myself be pro-environment." Apparently, Emerson sees a problem with leveling of rain forest for agricultural land, at least when this affects our ability to compete. It seems ironic that Americans would view this as a problem, considering we did the exact same thing in Southeast Missouri with the bald cypress. I have since rededicated myself to working against Emerson's re-election and reminding voters of the 8th District that we cannot eat money.

EMMA L. FRANKLIN, Cape Girardeau