Speak Out 10/24/05

Monday, October 24, 2005

Firefighter fitness

This is in response to the person concerned about taxpayers paying while the firefighters are working out. I hope they continue to work out so that they are able to continue kicking in doors and climbing walls to get people out safely. Fitness is part of their job. If they are not fit they will not be able to perform the many skills that they use. Maybe they should just drive their private vehicles to the Osage, and if there is a fire, rush to the station to get the truck (just kidding).

Rescuing fat friends

This is to the person who is angry at the fire department for working out. Have you ever thought about the fact they may not need to work out if people weren't getting so fat and overweight. I just read in the paper this week that in St. Joseph, Mo., a man weighing 600 pounds died in a trailer fire because he weighed so much five people couldn't lift him. I support our firefighters and don't mind if they work out during their shift. You never know, it may be my fat friend they save. Keep up the good work.

Reality check

As much as I oppose abortion, I will not stand in someone's face telling her to keep a baby and give it up for adoption or that she must have it. Nor do I want anyone in my face telling me that I must oppose the death penalty for those that deserve it. As much as I appreciate the conservative movement, I wish reality would also set in. We want no one telling us what we have to do and yet we are so willing to tell others by force. Making laws forcing others to be moral will not make them moral. Not everyone who claims they are headed to Heaven will be.

Fighting words

I think boxing and Ultimate Fighting should be brought to the Show Me Center.

Women's rights

I am responding to the article in Speak Out about the woman in prison wanting an abortion and whoever wrote the comment thinks we should pay for her abortion. I do not want my tax dollars spent to give anyone an abortion. There are too many types of birth control available for anyone to need an abortion. As far as women's rights are concerned, what about the baby's right to live? The baby did not ask to be conceived but after it is, it deserves a right to live. There are plenty of childless couples out there who would love to have her child. Women who need abortions should wise up to what gets them in that condition in the first place. Abstain or take birth control. It's as simple as that. I am a woman, and if I did not want a child I would make sure I did not get pregnant. End of story.

Worry warts

I am convinced if some Speak Out callers would worry more about their own souls than they do about the souls of others they would find a greater personal need.

Extreme reaction

I can appreciate the concerns of those in town with asthma, however, a proposed city-wide outdoor burning ban seems a bit extreme. Maybe restricting the number of days of the week that we pyro-rejects can get our 30-minute thrill would also save the city some tax dollars from all the trips the leaf vacuum truck made down my street last year. Maybe there is an air filter-mask shortage, but I have yet to see anyone walking the streets of Cape wearing one. I hope the next time I smoke some meat in my backyard I don't get hauled off to jail.

Stay inside

One of my fondest childhood memories is of the fall days spent with my father raking up all the leaves in the yard into one big burn pile and setting it ablaze. Making burning illegal is a blatant infringement upon homeowners rights. If the smoke bothers someone, then they should stay inside. Burning leaves is an American tradition, and I'm nowhere near ready to give it up.

Worm wisdom

For those of you worried about the high price of fuel for heat this winter, rest assured. The woolly worms are mostly brown this year indicating a mild winter. Thank you ol' wise woolly worm for setting our minds at ease.

Art appreciation

I WOULD like to say that I appreciated the articles on art education in our schools. Mr. Sanders did a great job on reporting on the needs and challenges of the art teacher in the many different settings. It saddens me that he did not interview Saxony Lutheran High School's art teacher, Brenda Seyer. She is an excellent teacher and her students have wonderful pieces of art. Keep on plugging away Mrs. Seyer, we really appreciate your commitment to art.

Adopt jail babies

Just because the mother is in jail doesn't mean the baby will grow up to be in jail or a junkie. Just think, abortion is killing future presidents, doctors, lawyers, inventors, etc. Don't kill the baby, let some couple who's waiting to adopt a baby have it. Why should American couples have to go across the ocean just to adopt a child? If she didn't want a baby, then she shouldn't have had sex. Don't kill the baby just for her indiscretions.

Safe neighborhood

To the neighbor on Good Hope: I would much prefer our zone police patrol looking for truancy, curfew violators, drug dealers, domestic abusers, burglars and provide assistance to the citizens who need emergency assistance. I will happily pick up the trash left by thoughtless people if my neighborhood is otherwise safe. Finding litter on the street is not and should not be a reflection of our police force or the job they are doing. Keep up the good work Cape Girardeau Police Department.

Hating religions

IN RESPONSE to the person who clearly hates all religions: I feel deep pity for you. Enjoy Hell when you get there.

Changing the rules

Discrimination in the workplace is ever apparent at Southeast Missouri State University. People who have been doing a specific job for a long time are overlooked when the university decides to change the job description and suddenly require a college degree. This tells the employee that the university is willing to pay someone a lot more money even though they have less or no experience, further degrading and insulting their employees.

Helping the abused

The worst thing about child abuse is that no matter what, even if you do succeed in removing the children the abuse is already done. The damage to their self-esteem is already in place, and their thinking and reasoning abilities have been injured. I make this statement as a child who was removed from a home because of abuse and neglect. It took years of therapy and strong support groups to help me realize that I was the child and it wasn't my fault that mommy couldn't handle it. People will spend the time to remove the child, but are they spending enough time repairing the damage done to the child. Abused children can grow up and become abusers without guidance and support. So if you help remove a child, please keep this child and its troubles in the front of your mind. Don't think that you have done all you can and go on. The only way to stop the cycle of abuse is to show the abused what is right and give loving support, time and effort to them. Remember they really don't know the difference, and without being shown they never will.

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