Letter to the Editor

In support of Greg Sparkman

To the editor:

We, the friends and family of Greg Sparkman, believe he has been unfairly prosecuted and jailed for crimes committed by others. He has been convicted of arson and mail fraud that took place in December 2000. These cases had already been cleared by the city and state authorities. Now after five years our federal government has prosecuted Greg based solely on the word of a jailed convicted meth manufacturer, Scott Smith. Scott Smith will be released from prison eight months early for his testimony against Greg, while Greg faces a minimum of 15 years. For details please refer to www.semissourian.com Greg Sparkman article dated Oct. 16, 2005. This was a fair representation of what Greg and his family went through.

Now our legal team, headed by Richard H. Sindel, is working hard to first get Greg released on bond and then an appeal and retrial.

Mark Van Matre, Cape Girardeau