Speak Out A 06/21/03

Saturday, June 21, 2003

It's a beauty contest

HERE WE go again. It's summer festival time in Southeast Missouri, and it's time for cries of foul play and rigged contests. It sounds like the losers are sore and the winners still have the crowns. Get over it, people. It's a beauty contest, not a national election.

Trash competition

THE CITY is going to raise our rates again on the trash pickup. Why can't we have independent trash haulers? This would create competition for our business. It's worth looking into, isn't it?

Protecting freedom

YES, FREEDOM comes from above. But if you read your Bible and think for yourself , you'll be surprised to find that the Israelites gained and kept freedom, as well as lost that freedom, because of the "barrel of the gun." Freedom is only freedom if it is backed up by a physical protection.

Recall process

COULD SOMEONE please tell me how would one go about recalling the governor? Californians are recalling theirs. Maybe Missourians should recall ours.

Limits on freedom

RIGHTS OF individuals are conditional. Your rights end where my nose begins. Traitors to America forfeit their rights when they commit treason against the United States. Freedom and rights do not give you permission to rampage at will and disturb the peace of fellow citizens. That's why our nation has laws: to enforce the difference between freedom and rights. Freedom is not a blank check for anything goes.

A dry paper

I WANT to thank my paper boy for being so considerate. When the weather is bad, like all this rainy weather, he puts it in double wrappers. I am so pleased. Thank you.

Lose weight fast

I WOULD like to thank the Southeast Missourian for giving me the best diet that I have ever been on. Since moving to Cape Girardeau, I have lost 30 pounds on their diet plan, and the credit goes to David Limbaugh. Every time I read one of his editorials, I lose my lunch. Good to know that his editorials actually serve a purpose.

Not the same

BILL AND HILLARY Clinton are already campaigning for 2008. But selling a book and getting elected to president are two entirely different things.

Liberal scheming

TELEMARKETING SCHEMES regarding Missouri's state budget would be typical of liberal radicals who scrape from the gutters where they operate. Any vile means to obtain their ends is their motto.

Obsolete medium

AS I surfed through the channels, I happened to see Leslie Stahl on CBS sitting on a high stool with her dress up to her "ask me no questions." TV is a disgrace to America on every channel these days. And when President Bush is shown on the news giving an address somewhere, the newscaster talks right over him. You don't even get to hear what Bush says. That's why my TV has become obsolete. A good book beats it all the time.

Prescription logic

I'D LIKE to thank the editors of the Southeast Missourian for their opinion that the price of drugs should basically be the same all over the world. In the case of drugs that are under patent protection, the cost of development should be spread evenly over every dose. The people who say we should charge the cost of development to U.S. citizens and then sell the patented drugs to other countries at a lower cost would undoubtedly flunk Logic 101.

Smoking and dying

I'M NOT going to take up for cigarette smoking. I don't believe people should smoke. I know it hurts your body. But I smoke. I'm 63 years old. I've outlived two doctors, and my third doctor is dying. Would someone explain that to me?

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