Speak Out 10/19/05

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Post office concern

THE INTERSECTION of Kingshighway and Marsha Kay Drive is not a safe place to put a satellite postal service. Entering or leaving that service station location is already an accident waiting to happen.

Mothball fever

DO YOU know too many mothballs can kill a person? Fall is here. The fresh air would be nice if I could open my windows or sit outside but a neighbor has decided to freshen the place with mothballs. The odor is so strong it makes a person sick. Have consideration for others. Less is best.

Thanks for smoke alarm

HOW GREAT is our fire department program? They not only replaced my old smoke detector but they installed a new one in my stairway and didn't even charge me. Thanks a million.

Killing pigeons

I'M REALLY thankful that the Southeast Missourian let us know about the people who were putting out the poison corn killing the pigeons and endangering other animals and also domestic pets and possibly even children. This irritates me to no end. Thank you for good reporting.

Liberals and religion

FOR LIBERALS to proclaim a religious passion and come out with thou shall not do this or thou shall not do that referring to a commandment while supporting the homosexual lifestyles and marriage, aborting life, a baby, and wanting God out of our nation's laws and constitution has to be the most hypocritical act anyone can imagine to do. And to the Christians who follow this kind of worship of a political party, wake up.

From naval to postal?

THE CITY of Cape Girardeau should take a serious look at the soon-to-close Naval Reserve building as a future post office site. It has plenty of parking, easy access in and out and the roof doesn't leak.

Where's Mickey?

I'D LIKE to know one thing about these modern-day baseball players. How in the world could Mickey Mantle play with sore legs for 18 years and these players now can get a little cramp in their neck or cramp here and they can't even play and they don't have pitchers that can pitch nine innings any more? They need to cut the innings back to about six where these high-dollar baseball players can pitch a full game.

Raising utility rates

I WOULD like to address this to AmerenUE. I watched the TV all the last week and AmerenUE was running commercials how they had kept rates down and they were going to continue to keep rates down. And then today I pick up the paper and read where they've filed for a rate increase. I think it's time that they lower the rates. Don't advertise to lower the rates and then turn around in the paper and say you're going to raise them. It's kind of double talk.

Recommendation No. 85

I'M READING your Sunday paper on the review panel making 84 recommendations to the governor. They left out one major one and that is to vote Blunt out of office.

Jesus on TV

EVERYONE TALKS about Christians and Muslims and Hindus and Buddhists. For anyone with more than two molecules of brain matter, religions are quite simple to understand. It's from our fear of death and tragedy that we create religion, and it's a legacy of ignorance and gullibility that allows us to pass it down to the next generation. If the man they call Jesus was alive today, he would be nothing more than one of these TV evangelists wanting your Visa number to buy you a ticket to heaven.

Bushes near school

ON JANET and Fairlane streets, at the corner of Alma Schrader School, there's an accident waiting to happen. It's impossible to see a car coming up Fairlane while turning off of Janet. Bushes hide the view of motorists.

Truth about Ethan

I'VE READ the article the Millers wrote, "Remembering Ethan," and I think the Missourian should run this article on the front page even more than once because it has so much truth in it.

Truth about the Millers

WHAT HAPPENED to Ethan was a horrible thing, and I don't condone abuse of a child, but let us look back at the Millers' household. You brought a cat into the home and it gave Drew fleas and worms. You admitted to having garbage in your own basement. Are you going to wait until Bob comes home to change a light bulb or let Drew run the risk of tripping over something in the dark? Waiting until you only have cereal before you get groceries because you're too helpless to lift more than 5 pounds is pathetic. While you're in church remember "judge not and be not judged" or it will come back to haunt you. Happy Halloween.

Candy memory

I WAS calling in response to the article about throwing candy. When my daughter was 3 years old they threw candy from the parade in Cape and she got choked on the round peppermint candy. She's 20 now, and she still remembers that. I think it's kind of dangerous for them to be throwing candy, especially if it's the wrong kind of candy. She's 20 now and in college, and when they have parades she makes sure that they don't have that kind of candy.

Monitoring speeders

GOOD ARTICLE on monitoring cell phones on the Opinion page of Monday's paper. It amazes me to find how many people complain about monitoring of cell phones, especially those who are using them and speeding. Maybe they shouldn't speed and then maybe they wouldn't have to worry about that.


JUST READ in the paper and heard on the radio where the heating bills are going to cost more this winter. So what are we going to do? Are we going to cut back on beer and cigarettes, lower the thermostat, close off rooms that we don't need, winterize our houses, eat out less, drive less?

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