Letter to the Editor

Burning leaves should be banned

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

To the editor:

After reading the front page story on burning in Cape Girardeau I was so outraged over our mayor's remarks I must comment. His statement about the "proud burners" is unbelievable. Proud burners indeed! What are they proud of, the fact that they make us sick with their burning of trash, garbage, etc? Plus the fact that we have to worry about them causing our homes and vehicles to burn to the ground? Why doesn't he listen to our city manager and ban all burning?

I'll bet the fire department would be happy not to have to go out on all those illegal burn calls, plus the legal ones that get out of control. With all the pick-up services we have there is no reason to burn anything. This is an outdated custom that should have been stopped years ago. Don't we deserve to breathe fresh air like the other cities do? This should be placed on the ballot in our next election.

D.J. DAWSON, Cape Girardeau