Prince William gets birthday wish from Ozzy

Saturday, June 21, 2003

LONDON -- Prince William, who turns 21 on Saturday, got birthday greetings from shock rocker Ozzy Osbourne.

Osbourne, whose chaotic family life is the subject of an MTV reality series, invited the prince to come stay at his Beverly Hills mansion.

"I've been told that you want to come and live in America. You're more than welcome to come and live in my house," Osbourne told a TV special celebrating William's birthday.

Excerpts from Friday's show were released in advance by broadcaster ITV.

"My daughter would be thrilled. My wife would. I would. And the dogs would!" the 54-year-old rocker said.

British-born Osbourne, the former lead singer of heavy metal wailers Black Sabbath, performed for the royal family as part of a Buckingham Palace concert marking Queen Elizabeth II's golden jubilee last June.

His birthday advice to William: "Have as much fun as you can, play Black Sabbath on record and have a blast."

'Exorcist' author fights Warner Brothers studio

LOS ANGELES -- The author of "The Exorcist" and the director of the 1973 movie of the same name have filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros., alleging the studio didn't do enough to make them money.

William Peter Blatty, who wrote the novel and screenplay, and director William Friedkin claim Warner Bros. breached its fiduciary duty by self-dealing the rights for a newer version of the film. They claim the studio would sell the rights to its sister cable television networks, TNT and TBS, for little to no profit.

On Thursday, a Superior Court judge heard arguments but did not rule on a request by Warner Bros. to dismiss the lawsuit. The studio claims it has no financial responsibility to both men, who were hired to perform a service and were paid for that service.

Superior Court Judge Laurie Zelon did not indicate when she might make a final ruling. In a tentative ruling prior to Thursday's hearing, Zelon denied Blatty and Friedkin's claim of breach of fiduciary duty. However, a July 14 trial is set for the pair's claims of breach of contract and misrepresented accounting.

Japanese soccer fans mob David Beckham

TOKYO -- After he was presented with a 10-foot chocolate statue of himself, David Beckham told adoring Japanese fans he wants to set up soccer schools in Asia and England when he's done playing.

Thousands of screaming Beckham buffs looked on Friday as the larger-than-life confectionery was unveiled by Meiji Chocolate, one of the companies Beckham is plugging on a publicity tour through Japan and other Asian countries.

"It looks absolutely amazing, and I'm sure it tastes delicious," said the former Manchester United midfielder, who signed a $41.3 million transfer to Real Madrid earlier this week.

Beckham, 28, said he's interested in soccer schools because he honed his skills at such schools.

A recent marketing study in Tokyo found Beckham was the most-liked male foreigner appearing in TV commercials. Beckham and his wife, former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, landed in Tokyo on Wednesday.

Band member sentenced for carrying loaded gun

LONDON -- Jason Phillips, a member of the British garage band So Solid Crew, was sentenced to four years in prison for carrying a loaded handgun.

A jury at Southwark Crown Court in London convicted the 24-year-old Phillips of possessing a prohibited weapon and seven rounds of ammunition.

Phillips, a singer and producer who uses the stage name G-Man, was charged following an alleged incident near London's Leicester Square last Nov. 14.

Police said he fled when undercover officers on a drug patrol stopped him and asked him to empty his pockets. Police found a loaded Brocock pistol atop a pile of garbage nearby.

Phillips said he had run because he was carrying a small amount of marijuana.

Judge James Wadsworth said Phillips probably had the gun "out of bravado and the thrill of having it, rather than the intention of using it."

Former lead singer told to pay back royalties

SAN FRANCISCO -- Former Dead Kennedys lead singer Jello Biafra must pay $220,000 in back royalties and other damages to the other members of his band, an appeals court judge has ruled.

A three-judge panel of a state appeals court in an unpublished opinion Wednesday upheld an earlier ruling against Biafra for breach of contract and fraud.

Telephone calls to Biafra's manager and lawyer Thursday were not immediately returned.

The panel also decided that the band's creative output, including songs "Holiday in Cambodia" and "Kill the Poor," belongs to a partnership formed among the four band members.

But the panel reversed the lower court's decision to break up the partnership, sending the case back to the trial court to determine whether a partnership among the punks should be dissolved and its assets sold.

"Biafra's fraudulent actions precipitated the rift in the partnership and made it impossible for the partnership to carry on its business as it had in the past," Justice Maria P. Rivera wrote for the court.

The San Francisco-based punk band performed together from 1978 to 1986. The band recently reformed without Biafra and is playing again as the Dead Kennedys, according to their publicist, Josh Mills.

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NEW YORK -- Matthew Perry says he suffered from opening-night jitters when he stepped on stage in London, where he's starring in David Mamet's play "Sexual Perversity in Chicago."

"I was about as scared as I can get without vomiting or having a heart attack or something," Perry said in an interview Thursday on "Access Hollywood."

Perry and his "Friends" co-stars will be stepping off the set of NBC's long-running hit when the series ends after next season, and he said the cast hasn't wanted to talk about it.

"Jennifer Aniston would start to cry whenever it was approached at all," said the 33-year-old actor. "What I'd like to say about the show ending -- it's so scary and so emotional because we've been doing it for 10 years -- is that a chapter is going to close in my life and it's my job to find the next one."

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NEW YORK -- Deep down, Jamie Foxx believes he could have been an athlete rather than a performer.

So the 35-year-old actor-comedian says he's delighted to be chosen to host ESPN's 11th annual ESPY Awards on July 16 at Hollywood's Kodak Theatre.

"I've been a sports fan all my life, and like most other actors, I'm convinced I could have been a pro athlete if Hollywood hadn't come calling," Foxx said Wednesday.

Foxx portrayed Drew "Bundini" Brown in the 2001 movie "Ali," and also starred in 1999's "Any Given Sunday."

For the first time, fans will determine winners in 17 sport-specific categories including best NHL player, best female tennis player and best NBA player. Nominees in these categories are posted on, where fans can vote.

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LOS ANGELES -- Britney Spears, Kevin Costner and Halle Berry are getting stars on Hollywood's celebrated Walk of Fame.

Glenn Close, Anthony Hopkins, John Singleton, Ted Turner, Journey and 17-year-old twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen will also get the sidewalk honor next year. The new inductees were announced Thursday by Johnny Grant, chairman of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

"There's a favorite on this list for everybody. We have both young and veteran performers and local, national and international stars," Grant said. "The induction ceremonies will generate a lot of excitement for our residents and visitors from around the world."

The inductees represent film, television, radio, live theater and recording. Grant said they were chosen from hundreds of nominations during a June 13 meeting.

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