Bankruptcies in Sept. 2005

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Bankruptcies filed through September for the Southeastern Division of the Eastern District of Missouri's U.S. Bankruptcy Court are listed below with their corresponding case number. The Southeastern Division includes the counties of Bollinger, Butler, Cape Girardeau, Carter, Dunklin, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscot, Perry, Reynolds, Ripley, Scott, Shannon, Stoddard and Wayne. Court is held in Cape Girardeau.


Chronister, Christine N.11823
Crowell, Rebecca S.11869
Hobeck, Angela D.12151
Hughes, Brenda L.12025
Long, Jacquline R. and David E.11961
Mitchell, Robert A.11821
Parkhill, James E. and Trina R.12173
Plaggemeyer, Lloyd R. and Cynthia S.12015
Russell, Veatris F. and Roberta E.12162
Shepard, Franklin E. and Kathy L.12177
Wells, Murphy T. and Brenda F.11814


Adams, Richard P. and Deborah D.12113
Bailey, Michael J. and Courtenay L.11921
Bellah, Bobby J. and Codi A.12049
Birdsong, Paula M.11922
Bishop, Russell M.S. and Lisa11923
Boxx, Chad M.12046
Braden, Eric T. and Tonya L.11924
Brannon, Billy D. and Marjorie E.11925
Brown, Monica E.11926
Buhler, Deborah J.12042
Buhler, Jerry W.12140
Buhler, Velma11876
Calvert, David E.12100
Carl, Christopher A.11761
Caudel, Tanya S.11773
Cline, Debra and Ronnie D.11771
Colclasure, Marcella A.12141
Coons, Samantha J. and Michael T.11927
Crossen, Ricky W. and Violet C.11928
Daniels, Johnny A.12058
Fox, Elizabeth A.11839
Franklin, Donald L. and Mary J.12117
Gibbons, Neal A.12084
Gilmore, Don J.12138
Haga, Stephen R. and Linda A.12080
Hahn, Prentha L.12045
Hamlett, Mildred L.12111
Harris, James W.12054
Hathaway, Cary W.11838
Higgs, Anna B.11844
Higgs, Lakeesha R.11933
Houston, Joseph D.11825
Hunter, Carol L.12075
Irlas, Peggy S.11767
Jordan, Travis L.11991
Kenney, Claudette J.11834
Kidd, James G. and Saundra L.12101
Knodell, Phyllis G. and Randall W.11790
Lepold, Shannon C.12188
Miller, Bessie M.12137
Mizell, Terry G.11937
Moore, Richard W.11797
Morse, Shelia D.11763
Moss, Neva L.12043
Nabert, Betty L.11787
Patterson, Bobbie J.11846
Pickard, Michael D. and Mercy A.12053
Pierce, Darren L. and Cecilia A.11938
Pind, Danny E. and Jessie C.11842
Pullum, Ronald A.11847
Pullum, Ronnie A.12036
Reed, Lawrence E.12039
Saylors, James A. and Julie A.12145
Silman, Debra L.12103
Sisk, Brenda S.11837
Smith, Daniel12073
Smith, Kyle G. and Judy L.11940
Smith, Lyndse L.12038
Smith, Michael A. and Lee A.12004
Steen, Daniel D.11762
Stephenson, Diana K.12072
Thomas, Tammy D.12142
Thurman, Dennis W. and Anna R.12044
Toben, Charlotte M.12055
Tomblin, Dorothy M.11904
Tomblin, Michael T. and Arleen A.11903
Wells, Kevin L. and Melissa L.11775
Wilson, Keith W. D. and Kimberly L.11873
Worley, Glenda S.12139
Wright, George L. and Clara A.11941
Zuniga, Benjamin and Kristin L.12047


Aaron, Marlene12091
Amelunke, Mardell L.11829
Archer, Timothy and Rebecca12092
Ayers, Thrisa M.12001
Barks, Carolyn A. L.12017
Beard, Kathryn W.11885
Berryman, Mary G.11818
Brennecke, Lindell M.11891
Brethold, Phillip E. Susan A.12182
Broadbent, Marvin K. and Juanita D.11952
Callaway, Michael D.11817
Carpenter, Gayle S.11781
Carr, Douglas S. and Sharon B.11911
Carter, Dianna11887
Casper, Janet L.11997
Cotner, Chester D.12175
Creecy, Ronald D.11916
Daniels, Tod L.11884
Dellacamera, David A.12149
Drury, Dene M.11888
Ervin, Mark S. and Susan M.11824
Evans, Sheila L.11739
Fairley, Colbert L.12026
Farrow, Ellen M.11865
Garrett, James D.11966
Garrett, Kelly11978
Gibbs, Michael S. and Laura A.12181
Gilliland, Katherine J.11855
Gowen, Bob J.11990
Grammer, David S.11976
Hayes, Lolita M.11955
Housman, Lisa A.11969
Hume, John P. and Amy A. J.11879
Ives, Roger D. and Amy B.12168
James, Melissa K.11816
Jenkins, Heather R.11866
Johnson, Thomas E. and Jessica M.11860
Keller, Jason12098
Knickerbocker, Candace K.11819
Lands, Dallas L. and Linda D.12167
Lopez, Lorene A.11962
Marx, Nikki12059
Mautino, Carolyn R.11737
McClard, Thomas A.11963
Miller, Rodney B. and Jennifer A.11864
Mitchell, John R. and Andrea L.11987
Moore, Henry O. and Rachel D.11882
Myers, Larry L.11950
Myracle, Johnny D.12020
Nelson, Jennifer T.12184
Nicklaus, Joyce E.11826
Norris, Cynthia M.11760
Pallos, Angie11918
Parker, Deanna L. and Ralph E.12107
Pitman, Carson L.11741
Reed, LaToshia R.12106
Reed, Sydonia K.11913
Rich, Steven E. and Connie J.11734
Richardson, Kenneth R.12023
Rothenberger, Russell P.11751
Sanders, Saundra E.12108
Scheffer, Anthony W. and Kimberly D.11735
Schlosser, Gary V. and Alice E.12066
Schnell, Phyllis L.11759
Schwartz, Dalila J.11870
Seabaugh, Patsy J.12174
Shell, Carol J.12109
Skinner, Kendra S.12094
Slinkard, Mark W. and Julie M.12110
Smith, Lisa E.11878
Taylor, Emily J.12071
Terry, Tammy J.12112
Thomas, Brian E. and Tiffany R.11733
Turman, Kipton C. and Sheila D.12063
Vance, Deborah K.12183
Vogelsang, Travis D. and Cynthia R.12154
Walker, Mary A.12119
Whitcomb, Landers and Rhonda D.11749
Williams, Garry C.12067
Winchester, Vicki S.12192
Youngerman, Charles G. and Nettie M.11802
Zembsch, Daniel A. and Sarah L.12019


Cowin, David L. and Deborah C.12194
Dixon, Robert G. and Jennie M.11929
Freeman, Latricia A.11777
Johnson, Teresa L.12076
Murphy, Robert E. and Mina J.11880
Pollard, Paul D. and Kristy L.11768
Roberts, Inga M.11766
Townsend, Dianne D.11843
Walker, Wade T. and Mindy K.12048
Warner, Edward R. and Mary K.11845
White, Debra D.11890


Arant, Thomas R. and Marilyn K.11754
Burke, Jason C.11849
Burton, Fred and Elizabeth11988
Cole, Karen A. and Patrick S.11854
Craft, Joy M.12003
Cupples, David K. and Julie D.11912
Finona, Lourdes M.11836
Grubbs, Becky J.11822
Hardin, Dennis R. and Nancy L.12122
Hardwick, David H. and Clayetta M.11791
Harris, Richard O.11896
Holmes, Elisha M.12012
Hughes, Linda J.12176
Kilgore, Jimmy and Brenda A.11796
Maxwell, Jo D.11960
Mikel, Charlotte11788
Morgan, Emily M.11828
Parker, Tammy L. and Shelvan D.11806
Pulliam, Kendra N.11792
Rea, Dwight12190
Richardson, Brian K.11939
Sebourn, Crystal D.11794
Smithson, Bobbi M.11748
Vaughn, Randy L. and Carol A.12064
West, Christopher M.12144


Childers, Adam B. and Pauline M.12027


Berry, Ronald D. and Judy C.12153
Burns, Tommy J. and Connie S.12088
Christos, David T. and Joyce S.11974
DeShaney, Edward J. and Samatha J.11980
Eck, Crystal L.12031
Goad, Douglas D.11996
Graham, Tosha11998
Hargis, John P. and Jamie L.12000
Kingsley, Deborah S.11995
Leonard, George R. and Tammy L.11964
Nicholas, Jeffrey S.12090
Swope, Ricky L. and Linda L.11994
Turnbeau, Melissa A.12030
Vaughn, Jerry D. and Gina M.12029


Brumley, Dennis R.11985
Byassee, Johnny L. and Dana L.12130
Cates, Jimmy W. and Paula K.12156
Coots, Keith D. and Melissa D.11973
Day, Roy F. and Julie D.11947
Forcum, Daniel P. and Toy C.12104
Gammons, Benjamin J. and Heather S.11745
Gorostiza, Elsie G.12134
Housman, Donna S.12187
Hughes, Dianne11858
Jones, Robert J. and Deborah A.11900
Jones, Robert J. and Ruby L.11743
Jones, Timothy W.11943
McCann, William A. and Grace M.12128
McCauley, Michele L.11919
Moss, Florence J.12087
Nunn, James D. and Linda L.12155
Parker, Wanda L.11857
Redd, Sammy D.12158
Self, Jerry W. and Stefanie L.11948
Smith, Michael and Toye L.11871
Tackett, Jonathan B. and Janet E.11785
Uthoff, Danny D.11742


Abernathy, John M. and Dora I.12002
Baxter, Karen L.11970
Brown, Betty R. and Herbert R.12021
Burton, Michael A. and Karen L.11986
Cummings, Carla A.11820
DeWitt, Bradley S. and Laurie A.12007
Forrester, Carla M. and Bradley P.12157
Gaddis, Jeffrey S. and Sunnie A.12136
Henry, Timothy K. and Laurie A.12161
Henson, Paula D.11784
Hill, Tracy and Angela11910
Holt, Opal11908
Hopkins, Michael L.11752
Jordan, James T. and Debra I.11958
Keith, Bonnie S.12127
Kennison, Peggy11907
Kitchen, Stephen J. and Amanda B.11807
Klassy, Sandi R.12008
Lough, William L.12135
Loughary, Vernon L. and Tammy K.11747
Medley, Sheila F.11731
O'Neal, Ada L.11852
Reed, Lesley P.11914
Rhodes, Joyce L.12121
Sizemore, Ella M.11909
Tidwell, Eileen R.12129
Trapp, Trina M.11915
Turner, Billy M. and Cheri L.11949
Walton, David L. and Alberta L.11872
Ward, Cindy and John N.12159
Wicker, Larry S. and Amanda L.12132
Williams, James E.12065
Wilson, Priscilla11905


Booker, Rockey D. and Sondra S.11740
Chastain, Janet R.11898
Dewitt, Donnie11753
Gibbons, Neal A.12085
Hicks, Danny R.11971
Hughey, Terrie D.11755
McHugh, Arblean11936
Peete, Eritha F.12170
Pipkins, Melvin D. and Edna R.11895
Robertson, James L.11899
Stanley, David N.11897
Thompson, Vicki A.11757


Adams, Dana M. and Edward S.11977
Berkbuegler, Nicholas W. and Stacie D.12164
Burnette, Sarah L.11758
Chotrow, David W.11889
Hartman, Kristopher N. and Jamie L.12086
Hoch, Lissa M. and Wayne K.11942
Mattison, Russell K.12099
McAdams, Randy L.12143
Mueller, Earl P. and Shirleen M.11959
Oettle, Mack W.12114
Phillips, Donna M.12172
Ponder, Michael L.11805
Ruch, Lahoma E.12131
Sauer, Allen E. and Sandy A.12166
Schaaf, Denise E.11736
Schmelzle, David J. and Rhonda S.11764
Schmidt, Roy A. and Nancy A.12165
Schremp, Donald L.12147
Snider, Sanford C. and Michelle E.12056
Stephens, Andrea K.12096
Taylor, Bradley J. and Kerry A.11968
Wallis, John P.11892
Wallis, Richard D. and Michelle A.11894
Williams, Gina V. and Brian D.12123


Barbre, Lisa G.12037
Estep, Virginia G.11979
Gutches, John J. and Robin J.11972
Mathes, Edward G.12163
McFall, Linda K.11999
Scallion, Kenneth W. and Kimberly A.11993


Berry, Dennis A.11789
Boyer, Shawn D. J. and Michelle D.12040
Byes, Lee O. and Lisa L.11848
Calhoun, Jeffrey C. and Heather L.11770
Cross, Leigh A.11835
Fowler, Joshua D. and Angela D.11931
Gorda, Keith A. and Angela M.12041
Gower, Kimberly Y.11874
Griffin, Terrill L. and Wanda F.12115
Hammerle, Velma M.12050
Harder, Claudia J.11932
Hart, Thomas W. and Phyllis G.11841
Hollis, Gregory L. and Erica N.12034
Price, Dennis J. and Beverly A.11945
Saffle, John L. and April11774
Seratt, Roy M. and Robin L.11833
Sitze, Tara L.12051
Smith, Matthew E. and Jennifer S.12146
Tremaine, William D.12089
Wilson, Eric W.12052
Wilson, Mary A.11769


Abernathy, Trenton J. and Tracy L.11800
Allen, Terry D. and Lynda F.11975
Armstrong, Leandra M.11827
Banks, Mary K.11984
Bentsen, Travis J. and Stacy J.12124
Blissett, Ashley M.11954
Bond, Brandon G. and Tabitha A.11804
Bowden, Gloria11867
Brown, Bobby and Mandy L.12093
Cannon, Richard T.12057
Chappell, Timothy M. and Diane P.12152
Childers, Rickey M. and Laura M.11992
Day, Rebecca L.11744
Dohogne, Paula L.11750
Echols, Theodore and Connie S.11983
Embry, Linda L.11868
Estes, Brenda K.11989
Fitchpatrick, Markel C. and Catinna L.11861
Fodge, JD Eugene12186
Freeman, Kenneth D.12105
Gardner, Timothy E. and Melody S.11783
Gillespie, Pamela D.11778
Green, Dana L. and Shonta R.12028
Griggs, Marcus E. and Glenda F.12009
Haney, Allen R. and Rosalie M.11738
Hawkins, Matthew C.11782
Howard, Wesley D. and Sheila K.11780
Jackson, Teresa12160
Jacobs, Vickie12022
James, Melissa11906
Jenkerson, Nancy S.11901
Jester, Harold H.12074
Keesee, Robert M.12068
Kinder, April J.11732
King, Paul W. and Tina N.12150
Kirkpatrick, Kevin D. and Melinda K.12126
Lawson, Wendy12118
Lewis, Jerry L. and Lisa M.11920
Lucas, Chad W. and Stacy L.11877
Mannon, Leslie D. and Shelia L.11957
McCoy, Clifford L. and Shannon J.11953
McCulley, Tommy H. and Tina M.12060
McLain, Malinda F.12120
Misouria, Karen D.12133
Neal, Robert N. and Connie S.11944
Orr, Raymond E. and Jana R.12024
Pecoraro, Tina L.11803
Raines, Tony L. and Deena K.12102
Rapert, Bruce and Carol11946
Reed, Dennis W. and Catherine J.11863
Rhodes, Donald R. and Brenda S.12061
Rogers, Shirley A.12169
Rozkiewcz, Barbara and Thomas12097
Schiwitz, John F.12095
Shepherd, Matthew D. and Angela K.12062
Shy, Nancy A.11779
Sikes, James D.11793
Sikes, Wilson D.11917
Skinner, Judy C. and Bernard R.11956
Vinson, Michael J. and Deborah M.11981
Walker, Homer E. and Ila M.11881
Waugh, Deborah L.11859
West, Jesse A. and Lori M.11967
Wilson, James P.12191


Clabaugh, Dennis J. and Tonia L.11965


Schnurbusch, David W. and Deborah K.12148


Arends, Ruth A.12011
Barriner, Douglas K. and Gail P.12077
Bostic, Joseph L.12014
Casey, Paulina C.11808
Catt, Donna L.12032
Childers, James M.11795
Clark, Jeffrey T.12006
Clary, Nancy J.12179
Coomer, William L. and Peggy S.11883
Duke, Raymond and Velma V.11951
Evans, Lary W.11862
Fee, Tammy L.12035
Ford, Johnny L. and Amanda L.11756
Freeman, Kirk A.12079
G & W Excavation, Inc.12016
Garner, Charles W. and Evelyn L.12013
Gibbs, Bryant W.11893
Hodge, Gary W. and Merry P.12078
Kevitt, Arnold R.12195
Kevitt, Neoma S.11853
King, Betty J.11809
Maddox, Larry D.11935
Magner, James W.12069
Mc Roy, Carl A.12189
Moore, Susan L.12033
Morris, Michael A. and Charlotte Y.11765
Nugent, Lesley M.11982
Peters, Derek L. and Brandi L.11798
Peyla, Ethel I.12018
Pope, Edward E. and Tracey J.11813
Ragsdale, Lucinda G.11810
Rankin, Melody11801
Reedy, Harry R. and Jeanette M.11799
Rieffer, James A. and Lisa A.12010
Roberts, Jason T. and Tina L.12081
Rogers, Duane E.11811
Smith, Lorie A. and Christopher B.11776
Smith, Thomas E.11886
Stark, Jimmy S. and Jane A.12082
Stotts, Davy A. and Tammy J.12185
Stroup, Kenneth L. and Melba D.11902
Tidey, Rodney J.12083
Vaught, Homer C.12125
Ventura, Patricia D.11851
Wade, Tanja D.12171
Whitney, Melisa A.12116
Willcut, Jeremy D. and Barbara L.12005
Williamson, Michelle L.11746
Young, Ashley A.11812
Zimmerman, Cheryl D.11786


Allen, Miranda M.11830
Branscum, Nina L.12193
Brooks, James H.12180
Crawford, William O.11856
Eads, Jackie M. and Edith D.11930
Henson, Dennis W.11831
Hinkle, Jacqueline M.11934
Jahraus, Gregory J.11772
Mann, Roberta A.11832
Owens, Robert V. and Frances G.11875
Smith, Meredith G. and Donna J.11850
Tucker, Don L. and Shirley S.11840
Zavadil, Guy J. and Donna J.12178
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