Fan Speak Oct16

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Upgrading facilities

SEVERAL YEARS ago, Southeast decided that Division I athletics was an important move to foster community relations and market the university. Why have there been no significant discussions on renovating Houck Stadium other than basically a new paint job? A small seating expansion, a modern press box on the home side and a modern training/locker room facility in the west end would be a nice start to improve recruiting. Southeast needs to put its money where its mouth is and give its football program a Division I image.

Shake-up needed

IT IS time for Southeast athletic director Don Kaverman to give football coach Tim Billings the ax. I find it hard to believe the Southeast football team is 0-6. No players are going to come to Southeast unless they have a glimmer of hope that a new coach can provide. We need an athletic shake-up.

Spring and fall

Can someone please tell me why there are two girls softball seasons -- one in the spring and one in the fall? Why don't they have just one season like the other sports?

(The Missouri State High School Activities Association has recognized softball as a fall sport since the 1981-82 school year, after two seasons of spring play. Some schools, particularly those with smaller enrollments, kept spring softball programs to avoid conflict with other girls fall sports -- cross country, softball, volleyball, tennis, golf and, in some St. Louis area schools, field hockey.)

Congrats, Indians

CONGRATULATIONS TO the Jackson Indians again for winning the Cape County football battle against Central. I'm proud of Jackson for beating Jeff City, also. Keep up the good work.

Happy to hear it

I'M SO glad to hear former Central football Mitch Craft is doing well down at Southern Mississippi.

Draining talent pool

WHEN HIGH school football and soccer are played at the same time of year, the talent pool for football is severely depleted. This is obvious when you look at the football records of area schools that also have soccer programs. Only Jackson has a winning record. Area schools need to consider dropping one of the sports or make soccer a spring sport so the kids can play both football and soccer.

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