Speak Out 10/16/05

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Excellent pilot

I SAW that Ralph Carr died, and the obituary mentioned that he was a commercial pilot. Let me tell you a story. When Warren Hearnes was running for U.S. Senate, Ralph was flying him around on campaign trips in a Cessna 310 twin-engine airplane with retractable landing gear. On one of their landings the right landing gear collapsed. As the wing started sinking, Ralph instantly realized what had happened, pulled up the right wing, put the power back to the engines and flew away from the air strip. He made a nice procedural turn, came back, cycled the landing gear up and back down and landed the aircraft without hurting anybody. He was an excellent pilot and a great man.

Disturbing scene

IT WAS disturbing to encounter a pigeon lying on its back, legs helplessly flailing in the air, in an alley off Broadway a few days ago. Although I moved it out of the way of traffic, it was run over anyway. Most disturbing of all was to read the account in the paper about the way it had died and that a pet had almost died from eating one of these poisoned pigeons. Thank God the pet survived. What if a child would have eaten some of that corn?

Let them eat pigeons

ONE WAY to solve the pigeon problem is let the people who like to eat pigeons shoot them with pellet guns. A lot of people like to eat pigeons. That's one way the pigeons can be eliminated, and it would be useful. People would have food to eat.

Throwing candy

I JUST read about the Christmas parade in Jackson and how the police department doesn't want people to throw candy. How are kids supposed to get the candy? Are people supposed walk along and hand it to everybody? That candy there is not harming anybody. New laws are taking over our freedom.

Dangerous poison

POISONING OF pigeons is dangerous to pets and children. Last year, a farmer received a hefty fine for putting out poison to get rid of blackbirds and starlings in his crops.

Support for railroad

I LIVE in Rockview and support the trains. The train tracks were there before I purchased my house. I knew I was going to be living where the trains run by. These railroad men are out there to make a decent living for their families. How dare one person or a handful of people try to stop them? Where would local businesses be without those people? Where would Chaffee be or Scott City be without the railroad?

No statins in water

I FIND it disturbing that a doctor would suggest putting statins in our drinking water. It's a well-known fact that doctors cannot keep up with all the medical news, so sometimes an informed public can aid their education. Statins, like most drugs, can have some serious side effects such as muscle, liver and memory problems. Many doctors prescribe statins and then never bother having their patients do follow-up lipid tests to see if cholesterol levels have lowered so the dosage could be lowered or if the drug has even been effective. Please, let's not let them add statins to our water.

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