Letter to the Editor

Queen contest chair responds to critical letter

Friday, June 20, 2003

To the editor:

I have been the coordinator of the Scott City Summerfest queen contest for the last five years and take offense at Roberta Kerley's letter.

The judges were all professional people who had little to no knowledge of the candidates. The accusation that the winner was dating a judge's son is ridiculous. Two of the judges have no children, and the other judge has an infant daughter.

The girls are responsible for getting their own dress. I felt they were all appropriate.

The Scott City Women's Club prides itself on having Brenda Moyers emcee the event. She in no way has purposefully shown any type of favoritism.

As for the questions, the girls are given a complete list of possible questions so that there are no surprises and so they can prepare an answer if they choose to do so. The winner did an outstanding job with her question, showing both a ton of poise and personality.

All contests have winners and losers. With losing comes hurt feelings. I have participated in queen contests all my life. If you were to hold the exact same contest an hour, a day or a week later, the same judges probably would choose a different winner. They do the best they can in a very short time.

As for changes next year, the only one I'm recommending is that a three-foot section be roped off behind the judges so relatives of the contestants aren't hovering over their shoulders.


Queen Contest Chairperson

Scott City Women's Club

Scott City