Fan Speak Oct2

Sunday, October 2, 2005

Local angle

IN THE Southeast volleyball story [in the Sept. 25 edition], please consider inserting that Murray State's Holly Jansen [from Leopold High School] had a team-high hitting percentage of .370 and a match-high and career-high eight blocks.

Boot the spikers

THERE'S TOO much girls volleyball coverage in the Southeast Missourian newspaper. I'd much rather see boys soccer covered. You don't exactly see people going to arenas to watch girls volleyball, and I just think more people might be interested in soccer.

Giving a cheer

CONGRATULATIONS TO Arizona Cardinals cheerleader Jennifer Kaelin [Notre Dame Regional High School], and kudos to Mark Unterreiner for again delivering an excellent article on another successful local. It's always fun to read about former local athletes and find out what their doing now that they are out in the real world. Once again, Unterreiner has captured the essence of sports reporting and has brought us another article that gives us reason to cheer for our local athletes who are accomplishing their dreams.

Future Tigers

WATCH CLOSELY, Central fans: the freshman football team's 22-0 win over North County reflects the hard work of these defensive and offensive players -- often the same boys. They are the "shot in the arm" that Central's varsity will receive next season. Appreciate them.

Character players

I WANT to commend the players on the Central High School football team. They cleaned the change out of their car's ashtrays and did things of that nature to collect money to contribute to the hurricane funds for the Gulf Coast. Every little bit adds up; and the fact that these kids were able to just get coins together and do that, I think, is a great show of their character. I just wanted to let folks know that these kids are thinking about bigger things than just the season they're in right now.

Respect must be earned

THIS IS about the Fan Speak item "Cards deserve respect." The Cardinals might have the best record, but it's only a five-game difference between the Cardinals and Boston and the Yankees. Maybe the reason the national television people talk about Boston and the Yankees is because they have won a World Series recently. You know, you've got to win the big game before you get the respect they're talking about. Until they win the big one, maybe they won't get the respect they want.

Southeast needs support

FOR THE fan who thinks Southeast Missouri State should get rid of its football program, I have some information for him: Southeast has one of the lowest football budgets in the OVC; Southeast has the worst football facility in the conference (I've seen high school facilities better than the one at Southeast); Southeast has to share its field with women's soccer and high school teams as well. When a player is being recruited, he looks at the school and the program and he also looks at the facilities and community support. The team needs everyone's support not only by filling the stands but by contributing to the football program as well.

Lowering standards

IT LOOKS as if Southeast Missouri State has found a way to make their sports programs winners: They will just play a lower level of competition. If this does not work, maybe they can schedule the local high school teams. What kind of leadership do they have at Southeast? This is not the way you improve your program. Will playing lower levels of competition make recruiting easier? I doubt it. Maybe they need some new leadership in their sports programs.

Why the move?

I WOULD like to know why the Jackson athletic director moved the Jackson High School girls softball tournament to Cape Girardeau and paid rent to rent their facilities over there when we have such a good facility here in Jackson.

(Officials with both the Jackson Parks and Recreation Department and Jackson High School indicated that an annual POW/MIA event at the park on the same weekend uses much of Jackson City Park, prompting the school to use Shawnee Park Sports Complex in Cape Girardeau for the 16-team tournament.)

Deterring sports events

THE JACKSON girls softball team has been hosting a 16-team tournament for 15-plus years. They invite the best teams from Southeast Missouri, St. Louis and Illinois. The games have been played in the Jackson park until the past two years, when the tournament was moved to Shawnee Park in Cape Girardeau. About a month ago, the dodgeball league had to cancel their tournament because the board of aldermen would not allow the league to use the tennis courts. Most towns try to bring tournaments into their towns. Our young people deserve better.

New coaches needed

I THINK its time for Southeast Missouri State's athletic director to seriously consider firing and hiring new coaches once contracts are up for renewal. Perhaps the athletic director should be removed due to poor hiring practices. The football team is an embarrassment, and this I blame on poor coaching and recruiting. Men's and women's basketball seem to be the only sports that lend some excitement and hope for success. Southeast never has had a great football team, and the way things are going, they never will. Perhaps football should be removed and replaced by a new sport. Football costs an extreme amount of money, and yet its returns are dismal because it never has enjoyed a history of success. When I think of Southeast football, I constantly hear myself saying, "Here we go again."

Here we go again

SOUTHEAST FOOTBALL going 0-5 to start the season? Looks like more of the same thing from this program. Is this coach going to continue to get a pass? Many of us believe it is time to make changes in the Redhawks coaching staff.

Redhawks raise white flag

I HEARD that Southeast has decided to discontinue playing Southern Illinois University in both football and basketball. This despite the fact SIU draws large crowds. It can only be surmised that by making this decision, Southeast has raised the white flag signifying it isn't in the same class as the Salukis.

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