Speak Out 9/25/05

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Apology in Chaffee

I MUST write an apology. Last week I complained in Speak Out about the Chaffee animal control officer and others employed by the city. This morning the animal control officer came to my house and explained what happened, and we made peace. He said he didn't get the message that a cat had been caught in the live trap he gave me. He learned the cat had been trapped from the city clerk after I took the trapped cat to city hall. I am sorry the situation got out of hand and feelings got hurt.

Cell phones in the sky

I HAVE never understood not being able to use cell phones on commercial aircraft. The frequencies the phones use are nowhere near any frequencies used on the aircraft. It's the same with computers and video games. There is no way they interfere with the aircraft. Cell phones generally don't work at high altitudes, so why ban them?

Borrow some more

DON'T WORRY. We'll get the money to pay for all the things we need the old-fashioned way. We'll borrow it. Believe it or not, Republicans will lead the way. Don't even think about repealing the tax cut for the rich, suspending the Medicare prescription drug benefit or the pork-filled highway benefit.

Fresh air

KUDOS TO the Southeast Missourian for publishing the column by Natural Resources Defense Council president John Adams. It blew like a profound breath of fresh air through the usual right-wing commentaries published on the Opinion pages. Please keep the sanity coming.

Showing compassion

I WOULD like to thank the people at Heartland Veterinary Clinic in Jackson for their kindness, and compassion. I have never encountered such compassionate people caring for animals. God bless.

Expensive paperwork

I NEED to get my handicapped license plate renewed this month. I called my doctor's office to find out how much it's going to cost to get the paperwork filled out. I was informed I had to make an appointment, which is going to cost $70. I think that's a little expensive, don't you?

Under the influence

WE HAD a wonderful time the last day of the fair. But toward the end there was A man who could not control his alcohol. He was next to a concession that serves beer. His language was vulgar. The people watching him looked intimidated. Children were watching too. Where were the police? The people who served the beer ought to have taken responsibility too.

Recess is good

I THINK morning recess is important to children. I think it helps their minds be more alert. My child lives for recess and does well in school. A few years back, North Elementary School had no problems with MAP testing, and the students had recess.

Merging and turning

I WAS wondering why people insist on using the left-turn lanes on four-lane highways as a merge-into -traffic lane. I wish the police would enforce this. It's an accident waiting to happen. It's one of my pet peeves. If someone can tell me there's a legitimate reason for doing that, I'd be glad to listen. Otherwise, do not use the turn lane for a merge lane.

Stopping to help

ON SEPT. 16 as my mother was heading to downtown Cape Girardeau, her car broke down. She was stranded on Good Hope Street with no phone. She tried to flag down three cars, and no one stopped. Finally a young man stopped and let her use his cell phone and stayed with her until my husband and I could pick her up. To the young man, thank you for your help with my mom. To the three men who would not stop, shame on you. Remember, it could be your mother or wife in the same situation some day.

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