Speak Out A 06/17/03

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

The Clinton effect

POLITICIANS IN both major parties lie like dogs these days because they realize few people care. I call it the Clinton effect. I don't know why either party's spin doctors work so hard to try to convince the public that their party's officeholders are Honest Johns. It really makes no difference and may be counterproductive in the sense that I believe most voters are attracted to politicians who appear to be sincere and truthful but aren't.

Drives business away

WHILE IT may seem to be working for Cape Girardeau to run a speed trap, it does not work for the motorists who are unfamiliar with the area. Speed traps, such as the one at Mount Auburn and Hopper roads, are designed for only one thing: revenue generation. Since most residents are fully aware of the speed trap, the revenue is not generated from them, but rather the unsuspecting individuals who visit this city to spend their dollars. By ticketing them in such a manner, it discourages them to ever bring money back to the city.

Don't speed

INSTEAD OF warning your friends and family about speed traps, as one recent caller did, don't speed. Don't decide that certain areas are better to speed in than others.

Plenty of speeders

THE ONLY people who need to worry about a speed trap are the speeders. Why get concerned if you don't speed? You should be grateful the police are concerned. In many parts of our fine city people speed through residential areas, and there are no cops in sight.

Unsuccessful senator

STATE SEN. Peter Kinder has failed once again to protect funding for Southeast Missouri State University. What good does it do for Cape Girardeau to have a senator who is the Senate president pro tem when he cannot protect our most important local institutions? For his sake, I sure hope his political climbing is more successful than his abysmal lack of service to the people he claims to represent.

Real people are the losers

SCHOOL DISTRICTS are not using scare tactics regarding funding. Real Southeast Missourians have already lost their jobs due to this endless political staring match. While Jefferson City Democrats and Republicans try to make sure that their team wins, real people are the real losers.

Insurance hassle

RECENTLY MY husband was involved in a car accident where his car was rear-ended by another car. He clearly wasn't at fault, but I had to fight with the other person's insurance for several weeks. I just hope those folks in Jackson who lost their homes or had tornado damage are having better luck with the insurance companies than we did.

Show some respect

I WORK at a local restaurant that seems to be a favorite of all the rude people. I can't believe some of the folks who eat there. My parents and grandparents taught me manners, which is something many folks seem to lack now. I hate to say this, but I see it a lot of rudeness in the older generation too. Does being a senior citizen mean you are entitled to command and demand without a "please" or "thank you"? I serve many very delightful and good-tipping guests who are older, so I am not saying it is every older person. Just because I am at your disposal does not mean I should be treated any differently than you would like to be treated. If you want respect, then give it, please.

Speeding on Route W

I WAS very happy to see the white lines put on the edges of Route W the other day, but the yellow double lines mean go ahead and pass to some people. After you leave Fruitland on Route W, there are no speed limit signs until you get near Lamplighter's Mobile Homes. You take your life in your own hands when you pull out of the Route W Mobile Home Court's south entrance.

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