Letter to the Editor

Reviewer should listen to music

Thursday, September 22, 2005

To the editor:

As we read Matt Sanders review of the Tracy Byrd concert, we had to wonder if we were at the same event. The quality of the music and his performance of song after song was exactly what we went to hear. Why is it that, in order to be called entertainment, we have to see a circus act instead of being able to listen to the music he was there to share? The way he observed the crowd, specifically the acknowledgment of the "Pass It On" sign held by a young boy, was evident by his wonderful rendition of the song he wrote having the same title. It was hard not to get emotionally wrapped up and hang onto his every word. It was evident in songs like "Pass It On" and "Tiny Town" that his music comes straight from his heart, and the crowd knew that his energy was in his words.

We strongly feel that Byrd's performance was one of the most enjoyable evenings we have spent in a long time. We would be happy to pay the price to see him again in the future. With reviews like Mr. Sanders', it's obvious why we have trouble getting quality entertainment at the SEMO District Fair. In his review, it was the music that was ignored, and that's what many of the people attending enjoyed the most. So in response to Mr. Sanders, we say, "Listen to the music."

MARK and RITA REES, Jackson