Letter to the Editor

Good to see pets, owners reunited

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

To the editor:

Hurricane Katrina left destruction along the Gulf Coast. People lost homes, personal things and pets. Most would not leave without their pets. If you have never cared for a pet, you cannot realize what these guys went through.

While living with me, my son and grandson brought home a boxer puppy, Ben. I thought, OK, he can live in the fenced-in backyard, which has a dog house. Grandson Dylan had a better idea: Ben would be a house dog. Ben caught on fast to house training, and he was a joy to have around. You quickly become attached to those big black eyes. Ben has moved with his family out of town, but I still baby-sit my granddog Ben sometimes.

I watched on TV the reunion of a dog and its hurricane-victim owners. Through the tears of the man you could tell the pleasure and love the man and dog gave each other. The dog was licking the face of its owner. I'm glad to see that pets are being given food and shelter and everything being done to find their owners. The scene has left me with a good feeling.

VICKI STATLER, Cape Girardeau