Building permits

Monday, September 19, 2005

Cape Girardeau

Commercial building permits recorded at the Cape Girardeau Division of Inspection Services Office during August.

Phillip B. Smith-Architect, 1131 N. Kingshighway Suite 5, Gary Helwege, remodel, $18,000

City of Cape Girardeau, 2007 Southern Expressway, City of Cape Girardeau, remodel, $90,000

Denali Construction, 1936 N. Sprigg, AD Properties, expansion, $500

Jay Purcell, 1537 Independence, Jay Purcell, remodel, $3000

L.D. Reeves & Associates, 3259 William, Mid-America Hotels, new building (Olive Garden), $850,000

Hanover Lutheran Church, 2949 Perryville Road, Hanover Lutheran Church, expansion, $9,000

Dornach Construction, 212 N. Main, Dornach Construction, new building, $670,000

Derrington Construction, 207 Pind Wood Lane, Derrington Construction, remodel, $40,000

Keystone Design Inc., 2100 William, Lloyd Harris Partnership, addition, $70,000

Contrend Inc., 2561 Bloomfield Road, S&S Rental Properties, expansion, $125,000

JB Matthews Construction, 2 S. Mount Auburn Road, Zimmer Radio Group, remodel, $11,500

Contrend Inc., 840 S. Kingshighway, Morrill Development Co., addition, $25,000

Stockade Construction Co., Jaycee Drive, City of Cape Girardeau, remodel, $27,000

Saint Francis Medical Center, 150 S. Mount Auburn Drive, Saint Francis Medical Center, remodel, $100,000

Ron Reid Associates, 501 Cape Meadows Creek, Cape Meadows Apartments, new building, $130,000


Commercial building permits recorded at the Jackson Inspections and Permits Office during August.

Lee Flanagan, 2204 Smith Trail, Lee Flanagan, new construction, $235,000

Rod Walker, 2408 Berkley, Rod Walker, new construction, $130,000

Contrend Inc., 3210 Old Cape Road, Cape Starter & Alternator, new building, $125,000

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