Monday, September 19, 2005

Bankruptcies filed through August for the Southeastern Division of the Eastern District of Missouri's U.S. Bankruptcy Court are listed below with their corresponding case number. The Southeastern Division includes the counties of Bollinger, Butler, Cape Girardeau, Carter, Dunklin, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscot, Perry, Reynolds, Ripley, Scott, Shannon, Stoddard and Wayne. Court is held in Cape Girardeau.


Abernathy, Jeffrey S.11586

Broshuis, Bradley M. and Karen L.11479

Cooper, Richard B. and Tammy I.11523

Guthrie, Kathy11569

Howell, William L.11607

Main, Tom J.11622

Randol, Joshua W. and Stella D.11695


Arnold, James J. and Jessica C.11721

Campbell, Millie L.11533

Chadwick, Larry K. and Pamela K.11492

Christian, Amber D.11493

Clifton, Kenneth W. and Amanda R.11546

Ethridge, Pamela J.11502

Evans, Eleanor U.11582

Garner, Steven D. and Elizabeth D.11547

Hakanson, Kelly A.11548

Hallmark, Charlotte C.11490

Hampton, Erin M.11583

Hampton, Phillip S. and Denise M.11623

Harrison, Brian M. and Jennifer L.11709

Healey, Darrell B.11715

Helmers, Ryan M. and Danelle E.11718

Higgs, Sherman W.11714

Hopper, Bryan E. and Sherry L.11662

Johnson, John C. and Shirley A.11659

Meadors, Tiarae K.11580

Merlotti, Constance M.11706

Merriman, John-Marc E. and Shawn M.11723

Miller, Raymond E.11478

Moore, Claude W. and Debra D.11544

Morelan, Steven G. and Kathy A.11664

Norem, Jason J.11719

Pence, Sara J.11724

Riddle, Albert E. and Georgia M.11497

Scott, Jacob P. and Kimberly M.11505

Stewart, Lonnie E.11498

Switzer, David C. and Letha D.11534

Taylor, David J. and Angela D.11550

Taylor, Evelyn K.11720

Watkins, Linda K.11661

Weaver, Deborah11581


August, Cynthia L.11485

Broach, Mae R.11578

Calvert, Jon C.11699

Cape Shoe Company11566

Coomer, Crystal D.11560

Eichhorn, Janette F.11558

Elbrecht, Jason P.11488

Freeborn, Sanford C.11543

Gile, Robin E. 11626

Holifield, Frances A.11526

Jones, Kenneth L. and Sherry R.11537

Kilburn, Amanda D.11697

Kinder, Wesley W. and Joy K.11630

Kiser, Thomas A.11589

Lange, James R. and Stacy L.11726

Lee, Timothy W. and Kathy J.11520

Leek, Jason S.11658

Little, Beth A.11644

Lowry, Gregory L. and Janet E.11571

Mackey, Kathy E.11612

Mason, Robert A.11617

McCall, Frank A. and Anna L.11711

McDonough, Clinton W. and Julie M.11647

McElwrath, David L.11562

Meier, Margaret A.11528

Newell, Jeremy A.11564

Priest, Todd A.11730

Raines, Nicholas A. and Samantha J.11499

Randall, Jeffery S. and Katherine S.11628

Rhodes, Ryan D. and Pamela Y.11629

Shemonic, Heather11563

Smith, David J.11657

Sykes, Ada L.11529

Taylor, Richard A.11618

Vines, Marty J. and Lori A.11704

Vogler, Frank D. and Marsha A.11696

Webb, Richard L.11687

Welch, Luther C. and Charlotte 11614

Whelan, Leslie J.11561

Wilhelm, Martha I.11698

Williamson, James J. and Patricia A.11725

Wilson, Madeline C.11527

Wingo, James V.11707

Womack, Joni K.11525

Yates, David K. and Margaret M.11553


Bales, George A. and Christy A.11500

Drerup, Phillip D.11494

Gearhart, Christopher W.11584

Hollis, Jason B. and Kimberly G.11722

Rousan, James E. and Linda S.11689

Zimmer, Trevor L. and April D.11552


Anthony, Michael R. and Helen A.11700

Back, Melony S.11590

Bost, Norma L.11672

Burgess, Jackie K. and Pamela R.11727

Burke, Brian D.11642

Campbell, Ralph T.11643

Daffron, Eleanor E.11670

Estes, Roy D. and Jo A.11675

Forbes, Michael D. and Gayle S.11588

Gaines, Earnest L. and Carline11495

Gore, Bobby L.11671

Hager, Rebecca A.11511

Harrison, Georgia E.11570

Haugh, Debra L.11489

Holt, Sheila D. and Kerry D.11595

Hopper, Lesa A.11667

Lyons, William R. and Edith M.11591

Mullins, Blaine E. and Rochelle I.11539

Newman, Bobby P.11669

Parker, Billy W.11665

Sammons, Steven R. and Sherry J.11666

Tesreau, Carl I. and Joyce L.11668

Willis, Judith R.11592

Wilmoth, Victor L.11673

Wright, Randall G. and Dorothy J.11596


West, Bobby A.11652


Bowling, Madonna K.11691

Cook, James E. and Karla A.11620

Crome, Jimmy L. and Christina H.11636

Crowell, Ronald R. and Nancy A.11587

Goodman, Melissa A.11690

Harris, Lois N.11621

McCarthy, Mike P. and Jane F.11728

Terry, Ernest E. and Janet L.11692

White, Lance R. and Camey S.11694

Zummo, Carolyn S.11688


Barborek, Ruth A.11701

Chessor, Lisa M.11521

Childers, James C.11536

Fitzgerald, Coy D. and Brenda L.11637

Jernigan, Pamela R.11518

Julius, Ricky L. and Billy M.11645

Marks, Stephanie D.11572

Mathis, Michael B.11632

Moody, Martha B.11646

Moore, Freddie L. and Mildred11559

Nelson, Martha F.11531

Nolen, Jeffrey S. and Rhonda E.11573

Tatum, Tara S.11517


Browning, Michael A. and Deirdre L.11554

Campbell, Robert A. and Mary P.11653

Carroll, Lance R. and Amanda F.11648

Cummins, Benjamin J. and Stephanie M.11634

Fields, Ruth H. and Robert E.11604

Gardner, Marlin E. and Roberta L.11639

Glover, Connie J. and Naomia F.11487

Greathouse, Ellen T.11702

Jackson, Lewis C.11567

Lalumandiere, David M. and Mary A.11638

Langley, Sheryl D.11602

Masterson, Enoch E. and Deanna D.11601

Moore, Erma L.11603

Newsom, Robert11635

Owens, Ronnie D.11605

Pride, Danny L. and Rebecca S.11627

Stroud, Ronald L. and Nedra D.11506

Walton, David L. and Alberta L.11616

Whitehead, Tammi J.11619

Willcut, Dorothy J.11516

Wilson, Mary11631


Biggs, Charles W.11508

Davis, James H. and LaDonna S.11509

Dodd, Stephen M.11510

Drumright, Robert E. and Joyce D.11674

Hedge, Michael R. and Karla J.11512

Hounihan, Dorothy M.11624

Howren, Raymond B.11513

Johnson, Johnny B. and Debra A.11514

Kimes, Rebecca A.11641

Lewis, Victoria M.11676

McMullin, Layola J.11677

Morton, Lindsey J.11594

Riley, Cecil T. and Victoria C.11679

Smith, Laura N.11609

Smithson, Donald R.11681

Threadgill, Shirley J.11515

Treece, Ray H. and Connie V.11683

Ward, Leora A.11685

Wood, Cloyce11551


Armstrong, James M. and Cheryl L.11532

Butrum, Mark A.11484

Clifton, Jerry M. and Julia N.11625

Davis, Steven E.11481

HayCraft, Richard E. and Lisa A.11613

Kakouris, Melissa11729

Miller, Steven L.11615

Seabaugh, Edna M.11486

Young, James and Janel11593

Zahner, Bernice M.11693


Wilson, Gregory M. and Jennifer K.11713


Barber, Joshua L.11717

Furlong, Terri R.11663

Hendricks, Bonnie B.11549

Martin, James A. and Kelly B.11599

McSpadden, Dean A.11504

Walters, Dennis W. and Catherine E.11507


Bradley, Rosemary11656

Cooper, William C.11633

Crowly, Blane E.11568

Croy, Janice E.11678

Evans, Annette11649

Harris, Cindy K.11522

Hyde, Walter and Wanda J.11660

Lewis, Jason W. and Deborah L.11542

Limbaugh, Russell A. and Wendi T.11579

McClure, Jacqueline H.11565

McGuire, David A. and Patricia D.11686

Paro, Linda S.11535

Robey, Tammie R.11710

Roslen, Samantha N.11651

Sanders, James R.11556

Scholz, William and Tina N.11708

Sides, Bettye S.11650

Smith, Linda M.11557

Smoot, Carolyn A.11524

Triplett, Derick A. and Rebecca L.11640

Tyra, Charles D. and Shonda L.11703

Wiley, Pamela K.11541

Young, Bobby W. and Donna S.11655


Dodson, Harold E. and Leea D.11598


Rogers, Clint A.11597


Blanton, Dale R.11574

Bond, Wanda F.11606

Bradshaw, Terry J. and Hildaena11705

Carroll, Brian P. and Tarah A.11610

Clary, Carmen R.11482

Cook, Matthew B.11540

Frazier, Ulise R. and Edith M.11682

Fugate, Erin A.11575

Gentry, Bobby J. and Eunice11684

Hutchison, Randall L.11519

Johnson, Kenneth D. Jr. and Amy R.11491

Lesley, Dawn M.11530

Morse, David S.11545

Nall, Frank E. and Michelle11600

Nash, Earline B.11608

Roberts, Darrell E. and Patricia A.11538

Smith, Willie R. and Jamie C.11576

Welty, Ronnie D. and Lori A.11483

Welty, William C. and Marsha M.11480

Whalen, Christopher T. and Jessica D.11680

Wright, Jeffory T. and Melissa D.11577


Brewington, Richard L. III and Lisa M.11501

Cagle, Roland W.11611

Gwin, Ricky L.11496

Henson, Terry W. and Kellie R.11503

Russell, Dallas B. and Linda G.11555

Smith, Rory D.11585

Ward, Janie M.11712

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