Speak Out 9/19/05

Monday, September 19, 2005

Wonderful insights

I NOW live in Denver, but I still look for Thursday's edition of the Southeast Missourian with much anticipation, much like a child on Christmas Eve. The first thing I read is Sam Blackwell's columns. Over the years his columns have taught me so much about life and to look for the little things to make a difference. Sam, my hat's off to you. May you write for many years to come. You are certainly a gem with many facets. I look forward to reading many more of your wonderful insights.

Was he joking?

AT FIRST I thought Gov. Matt Blunt was serious with his pat on the back for Missourians who assisted with the Hurricane Katrina disaster. Maybe he was. However, I began to wonder if he wasn't joking around when he encouraged evacuees who arrive in Missouri to contact FEMA.

Charter concern

CAPE GIRARDEAU residents should consider fully the consequences of voting to allow the city council to have the authority to appoint temporary council members and to raise user fees without a vote of the people, as proposed in recommendations for changes in the city charter. I am particularly concerned about the council being able to raise fees without a vote of the people. If the city council gets that authority, it will undoubtedly raise fees every year or perhaps even more often. We are taxed to death as it is. I believe those who are voted into office should work harder at running the city more efficiently and lowering our costs instead of constantly increasing our costs.

Erroneous view

THE ONGOING belief in the myth of American exceptionalism may do us in. This is the erroneous view that God singled out our nation for greatness, which leads to a false sense of security and the notion that we are and always will be protected by God and not subject to destruction by terrorism and natural disasters.

Shoes that fit

MIGHT I suggest a solution for whether or not to give to those who beg? If your heart tells you to give, do so. If it doesn't, don't. The choice is yours and shouldn't be determined by what others think. Name calling and finger pointing are ridiculous. Don't lump all churchgoers as pious and uncaring. I care, but I don't have the finances to give money to everyone. Don't try to make me feel guilty either. It gets tiring hearing that I'm cursed because I'm not swimming in luxury or that I'm hard-hearted because I don't give to everyone who is hurting. The shoes you walk in are your own. They are the only ones that fit.

Build on high ground

REBUILDING A small, historic section of New Orleans seems reasonable. However, our tax dollars should not be spent on the parts of the city that proved vulnerable to Hurricane Katrina. People shouldn't build below sea level.

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