Letter to the Editor

Be responsible instead of blaming

Sunday, September 18, 2005

To the editor:

During the North Carolina hurricane, the person in charge of the state's National Guard said state and city plans for such an event are clear and reviewed annually. He said he believed North Carolina was ready for the storm. And he said he had an excellent relationship with FEMA and that the governor would call for assistance if necessary. It was refreshing to hear someone not blame President Bush.

In the recent Florida hurricane, a newscaster interviewed a climatologist who explained the warming and cooling of the oceans that occur over a 20-year-or-so cycle. He explained that we are in a warming cycle, which causes more turbulence. The next person interviewed was the Democratic Florida senator who blamed Bush and Republicans for global warming and the hurricane. I assume he didn't listen to the first interview.

In the Gulf Coast hurricane, the New Orleans mayor said he did not use buses to transport citizens from the city because he did not have qualified drivers. Then U.S. Sen. Mary Landreau from Louisiana indicated the buses didn't move because Bush had cut the budget and the vehicles had no fuel. It is not fair to dump everything on the federal government and avoid the first responders: local and state officials.

Finding one person -- in this case, George Bush -- or one race or one country on which to blame your troubles is a proven tactic. The Palestinians blame the Jews. Al-Qaida blames America. And on and on.

GLENN REEVES, Cape Girardeau