Letter to the Editor

Thanks for 1140th stories, photos

Saturday, September 17, 2005

To the editor:

I cannot tell you how much the articles by Scott Moyers and the photos by Don Frazier regarding the 1140th Engineer Battalion cleanup mission in New Orleans mean to me. My son is there. It keeps me so well-informed on what is going on with them. My son calls occasionally but cannot convey all that these articles tell.

Each of these soldiers have a story, and the articles and photos summarize them so well. Each one has touched me and reminded me of the situations my son has been in with the Guard.

My son has been in for seven years. He joined at 17 years and a day. We had to sign for him. It was a difficult thing as a mom to do, but he has flourished and has helped in so many ways. We are so proud of him. He, like one of the soldiers mentioned, has been to the Olympics. The Guard has sent him to Germany, Japan and several U.S. states. He spent 14 months in Iraq with the Missouri Guard 203rd. He even sent his dog, Bunker, back from Baghdad.

It is amazing to see how the Guard members put their lives on hold to do their duty for our wonderful country. These soldiers have a special mission in life. God bless and keep them. And God bless and keep Scott and Don as they perform their mission of information.