Out of the past 9/16/05

Friday, September 16, 2005

25 years ago: Sept. 16, 1980

Taking aim at U.S. Rep. Bill D. Burlison, former President Gerald R. Ford says Burlison has been an ardent supporter of the administration policies that have brought about economic havoc and his re-election, along with that of President Jimmy Carter, would be disastrous; Burlison's Republican challenger, Bill Emerson, and presidential nominee Ronald Reagan would bring about an economic reversal, says Ford at a fund-raising breakfast for Emerson.

MOUNDS, Ill. -- Meridian Unit 101 School District has been hiring replacement teachers since last Thursday and hopes to open school with those teachers tomorrow, whether a group of 65 striking teachers fired yesterday is picketing or not.

50 years ago: Sept. 16, 1955

Representatives of major property owners in the North Main Street area yesterday agreed to proceed with the flood-control project affecting that sector; earlier, property owners in the district had voted to withdraw their support which entailed the raising by them of $225,000 to pay for right of way for the levee and for damages to the property.

An estimated 37,000 people jammed Arena Park yesterday for the SEMO District Fair, smashing all previous attendance records.

75 years ago: Sept. 16, 1930

LUTESVILLE, Mo. -- The Farmers and Merchants Bank of Lutesville fails to open its doors for business; Dr. R. W. VanAmburgh, president of the institution, following an early morning meeting of the board of directors, says the bank was closed at the order of the board because of a "run" which started 10 days ago.

Previous freshmen enrollment figures at the Teachers College are passed in the afternoon, when 230 first-year students register for the 1930 session; scores more are expected to arrive later in the day, and during the week more will be enrolled.

100 years ago: Sept. 16, 1905

It may be that the Baptist congregation will worship in a new edifice in the near future; at a recent meeting of the congregation, action was taken looking toward the construction of a new church; a lot has been purchased at the corner of Bellevue and Fountain, and the building of a new church is contingent upon the sale of the present edifice.

A box car, heavily loaded with coal, got away from a train on the Houck line yesterday morning and went careening east around the bend at the depot and over the trestle and down into the Frisco yards.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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