Speak Out 9/14/05

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Pulling together

I THINK it was great the way Cairo, Ill., pitched in to help the hurricane victims. It seemed to touch a soft spot. Wouldn't it be nice if this would bring the town together by getting along and helping one another for the good of our town?

In my pocketbook

WITH THE Hurricane Katrina well past, I wish it was a sign to the freeloaders getting my portion of taxes that I pay to get up and work like I do. I believe there are families in need and should receive help, but I remember eating mayonnaise sandwiches for weeks at a time while supporting myself through school. I guess it was how I was raised. I'm fed up. Put my money where it belongs: back in my pocket. It looks like everyone with their ankles wet from New Madrid to the ocean will be getting deeper and deeper into my pocketbook.

Finding the money

MY SON plays soccer. The fee is $30, and I spent $20 on gear. Soccer has two seasons a year. That is only $100 a year. If you stop smoking, drinking and going out to eat as often, I bet you could come up with a measly $100 a year for your child to be a part of something that will enrich his life.

Earthquake help?

I AM a 77 -year-old widow on a fixed income. I am not bragging , but I did send several cases of bottled water to the hurricane victims. I am wondering, living on the New Madrid Fault, what would happen to us should a major earthquake hit at this time. Would there be help for us with so much of our commodities and money going to the southern states?

The Bible says ...

CONCERNING THE panhandlers: the Bible also says that the person who will not work for his food is not to be given anything to eat.

Ulterior motive

THANKS TO David Limbaugh for writing a sensible column saying this is not the time for politically partisan finger pointing when it comes to preparedness for and the effects of Hurricane Katrina. However, given Limbaugh's track record, one is tempted to take his words with the proverbial grain of salt. An argument could be made that Limbaugh is attempting to appear high-minded because he realizes the Bush administration bears a significant amount of responsibility in this whole mess, but to blame state and local governments for the situation would violate a hallmark of conservatism which says it the state and local governments that serve us the best. In addition, Limbaugh realizes that the Republican Party would not be well-served by leveling charges of incompetence at the southern states.

Out of sight

THE FALLOUT over Hurricane Katrina isn't or shouldn't be a race issue. However, it is a poverty issue. And those of us who are better off don't like seeing all these poor people on TV and would prefer reverting ASAP to the more comfortable "out of sight, out of mind" mode.

People in action

I'M PROUD to be an American. Our government has red tape all over it. One agency has to wait for another, but the people don't have to wait. The American people have begun helping other Americans. I don't care if they are called refugees or evacuees or their color. They are the same people who had little but lost it. I'm sick of the photo-op people who take advantage of tragedy to get into the limelight. The people are speaking up and helping each other. We will be heard. The words of this song stand out: "You're my brother. Your my sister. So take me by the hand. Together we will work till he comes." God bless the American people.

Great fireworks

THANK YOU to the SEMO District Fair for the wonderful fireworks. They were the best I have ever seen.

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