Neuheisel makes plea to keep job

Sunday, June 15, 2003

MEDINA, Wash. -- Rick Neuheisel maintains he did not break NCAA rules when he gambled on college basketball tournaments and believes he should keep his job as Washington's football coach.

Neuheisel addressed reporters Saturday at his lakeside home, two days after athletic director Barbara Hedges announced her decision to fire him.

"I remain confident that there will be no finding of any major infraction at the NCAA level," Neuheisel said. "And if the university could see their way to allow me to retain my job, I would guarantee them that if in fact there were a finding of a major infraction, I would resign immediately and ask not for one more penny from the university.

"I'd go further and promise that I would reimburse the attorney general's office and pay for all their costs associated with defending the university at the NCAA level."

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