Letter to the Editor

Welcome Harleys, enjoy the show

Friday, September 9, 2005

To the editor:

The Harleys are coming to town. I don't know how it will be written about, but what I've seen is mostly favorable. You may see references to revved up, open road, freedom, wind, power, rumble and thunder. You could read about tattoos and body art and comparisons with what clean-cut might mean. There could be quotes from guys known only by their nicknames.

One thing you should know: Most of the bikes will be Harleys, but many can be different brands from all shapes and sizes. The average Harley rider is in his mid-40s, is married and makes $81,000 a year. And many aren't men anymore.

Many bikers ride often for charity. Because we're near Memphis, St. Jude's is a popular benefactor. Others ride for MDA or the March of Dimes. You see a lot riding for sick children and to benefit veterans. So wave and tip your hat.

Many bikes are noisy because riders believe it makes them more noticeable and safer from deer and humans, just like fire trucks.

You country folk who like to blow your wet grass out on the highway: Try not to this week. If your gravel driveway tends to wash out into the road, sweep it back. One of the challenges of steering a motorcycle is target fixation. You tend to steer toward what you are about to hit. Please pull out or turn left with great caution.

Above all, enjoy the show.